ISA and TEAN: Working Together

TEAN and ISA have been collaborating closely since TEAN joined WorldStrides in 2018. With shared programs and offices throughout Asia and the Pacific, we have spent the last two years aligning our on-site teams, our health and safety practices, academic oversight, and more. In this next phase of our partnership, we will be transitioning ISA’s existing programs in Asia and the Pacific to TEAN management. This change will allow us to better leverage the strengths of both divisions to best serve our students and partners, with programs in Asia Pacific benefitting from TEAN’s long held expertise in those regions, and ISA focusing on its roots in Europe and Latin America, as well as continued programming in Africa

We recognize that this change may impact how some universities administer programs on their campuses. We have done our best to anticipate your needs as best we can and are committed to helping you make this transition as seamless as possible. Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions to help guide you through all the little elements of this shift. If you can’t find your answer below, please reach out to your ISA Regional Director or TEAN Regional Director.

  • What is changing?

    All of ISA’s existing programs in Asia and the Pacific will transition to TEAN. This means that students will apply through the TEAN website and go through the TEAN enrollment and pre-departure process.

  • What is staying the same?

    The host universities, program offerings, housing, program pricing, and the on-site staff all remain the same, managed under the TEAN name. There will be some minor tweaks to things like on-site activities as we continue to improve our programming.

  • When is this happening?

    All ISA Asia Pacific programs are already available on the TEAN website, and we encourage our partners to begin sending students through TEAN as soon as it is feasible for them. ISA will continue to accept applications for these programs through Summer and Fall 2021 terms while we work with you to make this adjustment.

  • Do I need a separate affiliation or direct billing agreement to send students through TEAN?

    We can use your existing ISA affiliation and direct bill agreements and apply them to any and all TEAN programs as we are both part of WorldStrides and share the same EID (tax ID number). However, if your institution requires an addendum or new agreement, we are happy to provide you with one.

  • Will the Discovery Model still be used in these programs?

    Yes! TEAN will adopt the Discovery Model across all programs in Asia Pacific and will continue to utilize our learning management system, Schoology, to implement it.

  • Will I need to update programs in our study abroad directory?

    If you utilize a study abroad directory like Terra Dotta or ViaTRM, we can provide you with links to the new TEAN pages for these programs.

  • How are Internships, Service-Learning, and Veritas affected by this transition?

    ISA Internships, Service-Learning, and Veritas programs in Asia Pacific will continue to offer the same placements and host community engagement opportunities. The programs will be operated on-site by TEAN, although the on-site staff running these programs are the same staff members previously working under the ISA name. Internship, Service-Learning, and Veritas practices, policies, procedures, and academic management (including for students receiving academic credit) all remain the same.

  • Will I have separate Regional Directors for ISA and TEAN?

    While ISA and TEAN will retain separate but coordinated regional teams, we will work together to best serve the needs of your campus. If you've previously maintained multiple contacts for ISA and TEAN but prefer one, we can make that happen. As always, we'll bring in specialized expertise as needed.

  • Will the ISA website continue to list programs in Asia and the Pacific?

    Yes! Once the transition is complete, we will begin redirecting all applications for programs in Asia Pacific to the TEAN website. Over time, we will reduce the amount of content on the ISA website for these programs and direct people to the TEAN website for more detailed program information.


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