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Universidad de Deusto - Bilbao

Course Description

++ Please see note below.

The course is mainly aimed at students taking Advanced-level Spanish (Spanish III) or a higher level of Spanish who plan on double majoring in Spanish and Education at their home university. There are two different settings to the course:
1) a local primary and/ or secondary school, where students will weekly observe one or several classes of English as a second language, Spanish language, or some other subject, and will teach several classes of English as a second language weekly as well (approx. 3-5 hours per week);and 2) the university, where students will meet with the course instructor in order to comment on their observations, teaching practice, readings, etc. (approx. 15 hours).

The main goals of the course are the following:
- To help students to think of the processes involved in the teaching and learning of English as a
second language, Spanish as students' mother tongue or other subjects taught in Spanish or English in a Spanish primary and/or secondary school.
- To enable them to identify the teaching procedures (such as the interaction between teacher
and students and among students themselves) observed in the classroom and think about their
justification and effect.
- To encourage them to develop the ability to internalize the results of their observation and
teaching in order to be able to apply them in their future teaching career.

The student must be a native speaker of English, and be registered for Advanced-level Spanish (Spanish III) or have an equivalent level of Spanish.

1. Attendance to one or several class hours per week at a local school in order to observe classes
(approx. 15 hours)
2. Observation and teaching logbook, which will e-mailed to the instructor on a weekly basis.
3. Teaching several English class sessions at a local school in Spain (approx. 30 hours).
4. Reading and subsequent comment of the bibliography on class observation and the teaching
of second language previously assigned by the instructor.
5. Weekly meeting with the instructor where the content of logbook entries and other topics related to the logbook and readings will be commented on (approx. 10 hours).
6. Final report, to be submitted at the end of the course.

Final grades will be awarded according to the following breakdown:
- Logbook: 30%
- Readings and in-class activities: 10%
- Performance at a local school: 20%
- Final report: 40%

Students interested in the course will receive information on how to proceed in order to apply for the course via email. They will need to e-mail information related to their background in classroom
observation and teaching to the Bilbao Site Specialist.

Upon reviewing their documents, they will be contacted to let them know about the status of
their application for the course. If they are admitted to the course, they will receive a document
containing an agreement form; they will need to complete this form and return it by the specified due date.

Applicants will be informed about their admission to the course before their program start date. Placements will depend on availability, and the student's academic background will be taken into consideration. The university will try to guarantee placement for all applicants.

++ FEE
This course requires an additional fee of 225€.

*** The student must be registered for Advanced-level Spanish (Spanish III) or have an equivalent level of Spanish.

1. Class attendance is essential in all courses. Therefore, it will be checked daily. Missing classes will negatively affect the student's final grade.
2. 2. Students are responsible for transportation costs to and from their internship placement. Travel time to/from the internship does not count towards the hours required at the placement.

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