Intensive Arabic Language

ISA Meknes Study Center
Meknes, Morocco

Program Overview

Program Overview

  • Popular Subject Areas

    Intensive Arabic Language

  • Location


  • Host University

    ISA Meknes Study Center

    Located in the modern and dynamic district of Hamria, the ISA Meknes Study Center offers excellent academics with courses taught by local and visiting professors. Local NGOs working to promote human rights and economic and social development operate out of the same facility, which provides a unique and exciting atmosphere for our students as they attend classes.

    You will have the option to choose from a variety of course options in many disciplines such as political science, Middle Eastern studies, gender studies, Arabic language, religious studies, French language, and international relations. Courses are comprised of only ISA students, and the small student-professor ratio allows for an interactive classroom setting.

    Upon completion of the program, students receive an official transcript from ISA's School of Record, the University of South Florida (USF). Located in Tampa, Florida, USF is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate, baccalaureate, master's, specialist, and doctorate degrees.

  • Term

    Summer 3 2023

  • Program Dates

    May 13, 2023 - Jun 24, 2023

  • Program Length


  • Application Deadline

    Mar 25, 2023

  • Forms and Payment Deadline

    Apr 10, 2023

  • Credit

    6 - 8 Credits

  • Eligibility

    2.50 Minimum GPA*

  • Cost


  • This session is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

Study Abroad Program Description

Study Abroad Program Description

Designed to hone your knowledge of Arabic language, this program offers courses to ISA students from the intermediate to advanced level.

You will take a full course load of language classes, including Introduction to Moroccan Arabic (Darija), an Arabic language course, and Arabic for Diplomacy, International Relations, & Politics. In order to participate in the program, you must have taken or tested out of at least two semesters of college-level Arabic language. A placement exam will be given on-site at the start of the program to ensure that you are placed in the language level that will best allow for you to enhance your language skills.

Upon completion of the program, students will receive a U.S. transcript from the University of South Florida (USF). Students interested in studying abroad in Meknes have the option to enroll in back-to-back summer programs.

Service-Learning in Meknes

In addition to your academic courses, Study + Service-Learning programs allow you to serve alongside a local organization and engage in reflective assignments. Service-learning will develop your intercultural competency skills and increase your understanding of social issues in your host community. Visit the ISA Service-Learning website to see placement opportunities in Meknesand for more information about how to receive academic credit.

Enjoy Flexibility with ISA Flex

We’ve partnered with Arizona State University (ASU) to help you overcome common study abroad challenges by adding an ASU Online course to your ISA program. With more than 2,100 courses to choose from, ISA Flex minimizes academic challenges, like major requirements and limited course options, so you can make the most of your experience abroad. Once you’ve applied, access the Flex form in your ISA Student Portal for more information on how to add this to your program and enroll in the course you need.



Students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.50.


Students must have completed or tested out of a minimum of two semesters (three quarters) of college-level Arabic

What's Included

Comprehensive Advising and Support

24-Hour Emergency

Comprehensive Health, Safety, and Security Support

Airport Reception

Visa Support

Tuition at the Host University


Meals and Laundry Service

Bridging Cultures Orientation

Full-Time Resident Staff

On-Site ISA Offices

Internet Access

ISA Discovery Model


Cultural Activities


Official Transcript from the Host University

Professional Development Toolbox

Scholarship Opportunities




6 - 8

Recommended U.S. Semester Credits

6 - 8

Recommended U.S. Quarter Units

9 - 11

Academic Information

Course Selection 

You will take the following 3 courses during your program: 

  1. Introduction to Moroccan Arabic (Darija)  
  2. Arabic Language (Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Advanced I or Advanced II) 
  3. Arabic for Diplomacy, International Relations and Politics  
  • Requests for sample syllabi can be made to the ISA Meknes Program Manager. 

Arabic Textbooks 

  • You are required to purchase your textbooks for Arabic prior to departure. To determine which book you should purchase for your Arabic course, please refer either to the course descriptions below or to your pre-registration form. Textbooks for other courses will be provided on-site.  

Language Placement 

  • Please note that there are no beginning-level Arabic language courses offered in this program. 
  • Enrollment in your Arabic language course is determined by the results of a language placement exam administered by the ISA Meknes Study Center. Please note that your performance on the placement exam may not reflect the number of semesters of language instruction you’ve already completed at your home university. 
  • It is recommended that you prepare for the language placement exam by reviewing previous coursework. 

Transcript Information 

  • Upon completion of the program at the ISA Meknes Study Center, students will receive a transcript from ISA's School of Record, the University of South Florida (USF). The USF transcripts will reflect transfer credit for coursework taken at the ISA Meknes Study Center. The contact hours for language courses will not be reflected on the transcript; however, they are listed below to assist with credit transfer. Please be in touch with your home university regarding credit transfer for this program.

Course Level Recommendations

  • ISA offers course level recommendations for the courses listed below. The courses listed below are identified by prefixes and numbers.The course prefix is a two- or three-letter designator for an academic discipline. The course number is a three-digit designator for the course level. The first digit indicates the year for which the course was designed: 1 indicates first year, 2 indicates second year, 3 indicates third year and 4 indicates fourth year. The last two numbers are used for cataloging. These ISA recommendations are intended to help with the determination of course equivalencies at U.S. home institutions. 


Filter by Language Level

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ISA Meknes Study Center
ISA Students Only
20 Contact Hours
1 Credits
60 Contact Hours
4 Credits
Intermediate / High Intermediate / Advanced / High Advanced
High Intermediate
60 Contact Hours
4 Credits
60 Contact Hours
4 Credits
High Advanced
60 Contact Hours
4 Credits

Support & Funding

U.S. Team

Kiri Johnson

Program Manager, Morocco


Iman Essamati

Resident Director, Morocco

Funding Your ISA Program

Wondering how you’ll fund your program? ISA’s got you covered! If you receive financial aid for your home university, you will likely be able to use those funds for study abroad too.  The first step is usually speaking with your home university. Check out the steps for using financial aid here.

Need to know how much to budget for a term abroad? Take a look at the additional expenses you might expect, depending on your program.

As an ISA participant, you have the opportunity to apply for scholarships and grants that can be applied directly to assist with your study abroad programs. We offer over $1,000,000 in scholarships and grants each year. To see what opportunities are available, visit the scholarships and grants page.

View all Funding Options


Living in ISA housing will give you the opportunity to experience aspects of the Moroccan lifestyle that are inaccessible to the average visitor to Meknes. Uncovering the uniqueness of your accommodations and the surrounding areas will help you to feel right at home. With an open and adaptable mind, the experience of living in another culture can be highly rewarding.

We strive to match your housing preferences with our available accommodations, however, housing preference requests cannot be guaranteed.


Host families are best if you are seeking full linguistic and cultural immersion during your time abroad. Homestays are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, and availability is limited. Each host family has been carefully selected by ISA's resident staff in order to best accommodate your needs and to ensure a comfortable living situation. Homestays will provide three meals a day (except on Sundays and ISA excursion days) and laundry service once a week. You will typically share a room with another ISA student of the same gender.


Apartments are a great housing option if you are seeking independence during your time abroad. Apartments are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Rent and utilities are included in the program price, and each apartment is fully furnished. The apartments are located in the center of Ville Nouvelle- the "new city" section of Meknes. Apartments typically house 6-7 ISA students of the same gender, with shared room occupancy. You will be provided with three meals a day (except on Sundays and ISA excursion days) and the services of a housekeeper.




You will arrive in Morocco via Casablanca, Morocco's largest city and economic hub. Your Bridging Cultures Program starts here, and you will be introduced to the Moroccan culture while also reviewing important health and safety information for your time abroad. Tour the Hassan II Mosque, one of the world's largest mosques and home to the world's tallest minaret (210 meters), and marvel at the city's exquisite masterpieces of Art Deco architecture.


As a former Portuguese enclave, this beautiful beach town is home to a towering citadel and surrounded by ramparts. Walk along the ramparts that overlook the Atlantic shore and explore the artist's medina located within the fortress where white-washed buildings are splashed with colorful murals. You will have plenty of time to soak up the summer sun on the city's pristine beaches.


Explore Fes el-Bali, otherwise known as Old Fes, one of the largest and best-preserved medieval cities in the world. Make room for donkeys as you walk among the bustling bazaars and sacred mosques. Drop in on the workshops of a range of local artisans and craftspeople, including herbalists, weavers, potters, and the world-renowned tanners who make the leather goods for which the Medina is most famous.


Discover Volubilis, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the largest and best preserved Roman ruins in the world. Explore such features as the Capitoline Temple, Volubilis Basilica, Decumanus Maximus, Arch of Caracalla and Tingis Gate, and marvel at the city's beautiful still-intact mosaics.


Take a break from city life as you trek through Morocco's forested Atlas Mountains region. Start by sharing a traditional Moroccan breakfast with an Amazigh family in their home, then hike through the lush hillsides and ascend to the top of the mountain. At the summit, your efforts will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the valley and towns below.

Cultural Activities in Meknes

The ISA on-site team encourages you to explore the city and culture of Meknes. The team facilitates this by offering a robust calendar of events that showcases what makes Meknes special.

These activities vary each term, and previous offerings have included Moroccan cooking classes, visiting a Hammam for an authentic bathhouse experience, and touring the lively and vibrant old medina portion of the city.


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