Air Pollution, Climate Change and Health

Fudan University

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Air Pollution, Climate Change and Health

  • Host University

    Fudan University

  • Location

    Shanghai, China

  • Area of Study

    Environmental Studies, Global Health

  • Language Level

    Hours & Credits

  • Overview

    This course aims to 1) introduce the basic scientific knowledge about indoor and outdoor air pollution,
    as well as global and regional climate change, in relation to human health, to undergraduates in Fudan
    University; 2) to make the students prepared to be enrolled in an interested scientific research project in this
    field; 3) to broaden students’ vision about the environment and health in international perspectives; 4) to
    enhance students’ ability in communication, scientific thinking and learning in English.

    The environment is of great significance to human health. Air pollution, both indoor and outdoor, is closely
    related to different health problems in different populations. Climate closely interacts with ambient air
    pollution and affects human health independently. Currently, global climate change has been observed and
    heatwave and the cold wave has been reported to happen more frequently. In this course, the following
    questions will be talked and discussed: What air pollution in indoor and outdoor environments? What types
    of compounds form pollution? Can we measure them? Do we know the level of different pollutants?

    How about the relationship between outdoor and indoor environments? Is it safer staying in an indoor
    environment if there is high outdoor air pollution? Do we have any measures to prevent or lower the
    pollution level? What are the health effects of these pollutants? Do they affect our respiratory health,
    cardiovascular system or even our endocrine system? How about the current climate if compared with old
    times? Is there any change? How much it will affect our health?

    By active interaction with students in class and preparation after class, students will benefit by obtaining
    more scientific knowledge in air pollution, climate change, and human health, getting more experienced on
    understanding the health effects of the environment, becoming more skilled in communication in English and
    prepared better for international study in future life.


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