Fall Intensive Chinese 1-3

East China Normal University

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Fall Intensive Chinese 1-3

  • Host University

    East China Normal University

  • Location

    Shanghai, China

  • Area of Study

    Asian Studies, Chinese

  • Language Level

    High Beginning

    Hours & Credits

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  • Overview

    Students will take three courses simultaneously at this level: Integrated Chinese, Chinese Listening, and Spoken Chinese. Each course component will be evaluated separately and participants will receive a separate grade for each component on their transcript.

    Integrated Chinese
    This course is designed for students who have learned Chinese phonetics, some basic vocabulary and are able to have simple conversations in Chinese. Course 1-3 covers the same materials as 1-2, but begins at lesson 15 and continues to lesson 26 in the second book. There will be no pinyin in the second book and students will begin to study texts about daily life as well as Chinese culture. The goal is for students to have command of approximately 600 new vocabulary words and improve all other elements of Chinese language, as well as gain a better understanding of Chinese culture.

    Spoken Chinese
    Students in this class have more Chinese background than those in class 1-2. We will begin from lesson 1 and go to lesson 18 in the second book of Developing Chinese - Elementary Speaking Course. Topics like family, describing a person, weather, and going shopping are covered. More culture features will be introduced.

    Chinese Listening
    Students will practice listening and understanding native Chinese speakers talking at a normal speed. This course can also help students get ready for the listening portion of the HSK Test. Lessons 1 to 18 in the second book of Developing Chinese - Elementary Listening Course will be covered.

Course Disclaimer

Eligibility for courses may be subject to a placement exam and/or pre-requisites.

Credits earned vary according to the policies of the students' home institutions. According to ISA policy and possible visa requirements, students must maintain full-time enrollment status, as determined by their home institutions, for the duration of the program.