Japanese I

J.F. Oberlin University

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Japanese I

  • Host University

    J.F. Oberlin University

  • Location

    Tokyo, Japan

  • Area of Study


  • Language Level

    True Beginning, Beginning

    Hours & Credits

  • Host University Units

    6 - 6
  • Recommended U.S. Semester Credits
  • Recommended U.S. Quarter Units
    0 - 0
  • Overview

    This course is an introduction to modern colloquial Japanese through aural-oral drills and exercises using basic grammatical structures. By the end of the course, students are expected to be able to handle basic conversation used in greetings, self-introductions, shopping, etc. Students also acquire basic reading and writing skills through mastery of hiragana, katakana, and very basic kanji to write short sentences.