Advanced Grammar

J.F. Oberlin University

Course Description

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    Advanced Grammar

  • Host University

    J.F. Oberlin University

  • Location

    Tokyo, Japan

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  • Language Level

    Advanced, High Advanced

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  • Overview

    This course is for advanced students at levels 5 to 6 or the equivalent in the core curriculum who have completed their study of intermediate Japanese and are thus proficient in daily communication, but wish to master the grammar necessary to make use of more elaborate expressions. Specifically, the course focuses on items such as compound elements at the end of a sentence, conjunctive expressions, adverbs, and other expressions not easily looked up in dictionaries, together with complex sentences that contain complicated modification relationships. Students are expected not only to expand their grammatical knowledge, but also to acquire the means of studying grammar through short conversations and compositions, e.g., by formulating questions on the basis of a hypothesis, obtaining help from reference books, exercise books, and people around them.