Elementary & Intermediate Grammar

J.F. Oberlin University

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Elementary & Intermediate Grammar

  • Host University

    J.F. Oberlin University

  • Location

    Tokyo, Japan

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  • Language Level

    Low Intermediate, Intermediate, High Intermediate

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  • Overview

    This course for intermediate students at levels 3 to 4 or the equivalent in the core curriculum helps students make appropriate use in various situations of the basic grammatical items learned at the high-elementary level (e.g., passive and causative verb forms and constructions, particles, expressions relating to time, demonstratives, honorific language) and gain competence in varying their language according to situation while learning differences between similar grammatical items and expressions. The course focuses not only on daily colloquial communication but also on written communication. It helps students acquire the grammatical foundation necessary for high-intermediate and advanced levels while also working to enlarge their vocabulary.