War and Society

Pusan National University

Course Description

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    War and Society

  • Host University

    Pusan National University

  • Location

    Busan, South Korea

  • Area of Study

    Behavioral Science, Sociology

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    Taught In English

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  • Overview

    Course Objectives
    The objective of this course is to develop insights into selected world societies during wartime. The timeline is long from ancient times to the present and is designed to provide a deliberative global perspective. As such, it will be important to be able to recognize and utilize information on basic geography, historical processes, important dates, figures, and events. It should be recognized that these features themselves do not constitute knowledge, but, without a good grasp of them, gaining a full understanding of the material will be a difficult
    task. This course will examine the interaction between war and society. A war unavoidably affects the societies engaged in it. The media often become propagandistic, the economy reshaped to serve the military and dissent suppressed. A war can also sometimes focus national energies in a constructive manner, allowing governments to enact useful policies that would otherwise be opposed by special interests. War can enliven debate and protest; it can break societal traditions and open the war to progressive change. Societies also shape war, including how it is fought and what and for what purposes. Readings from several sources, historical as well as literary and
    fictional, will be used to better understand this interaction.

    Course Description
    This course is a study of the historical development of war on a worldwide basis through four stages from premodern times to the present day and its effects on certain societies. Each of these four stages is studied in three-week cycles of readings, lectures, activities, such as war board games or other, and, in the final week of the cycle, a film based on an emblematic war which occurred in each stage.

    Required Textbooks
    A course packed with selected readings will be available at a copy center.