North Korea: Politics And Foreign Policy

Pusan National University

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    North Korea: Politics And Foreign Policy

  • Host University

    Pusan National University

  • Location

    Busan, South Korea

  • Area of Study

    Asian Studies

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    Taught In English

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    Since the establishment of its government, North Korea continues to practice its authoritarian rule and bellicose strategic behavior. However, much needs to be understood about the origins, developments, and the changing circumstances in North Korea. This course examines the structure, processes, and circumstances that have built the North Korean regime and its strategic behavior. The first half of the course will discuss the domestic aspects, looking at the historical developments, structure, processes, and circumstances of the North Korean government. The second half of the course will then look at Pyongyang’s foreign policy and the regional implications.
    The course will develop the students’ analytical skills and knowledge on North Korea’s political system, processes, and international role. In each class, PPT will be used to visually illustrate the concepts and developments. While the professor will lead the lectures, the classes will be interactive, where discussions will be a key component.



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