Beginning Korean Language

Konkuk University

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    Beginning Korean Language

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    Konkuk University

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    Seoul, South Korea

  • Area of Study

    Asian Studies, Korean

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  • Overview

    Course Overview
    This course is designed to introduce students to the Korean language with an aim to develop the following areas in linguistic acquisition: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. The language of instruction is Korean and the students are international students from various countries including the U.S., China, France and many others.

    In this course students will acquire the ability to:

    • Read and write the Korean alphabet, 'hangul', without any difficulty.
    • Understand the Korean pronunciation system and acquire basic knowledge on consonants, vowels and endings.
    • Identify basic tenses of verbs, formal and informal styles
    • Understand basic component units of sentences, grammar items, word forms and orders.
    • Maintain a basic command of Korean language for survival.
    • (i.e. greetings, self-introduction, telling time and days, talking about dates and everyday activities, shopping, asking for directions and making & taking calls.)
    Teaching Goals and Methods

    Listening is a very important skill in communication and in order to efficiently improve students? listening skills our institute utilizes audio-visual aids in class. Teachers explore students' various backgrounds, like their interests and cultures, in order to illicit student responses and to motivate them to use the language they learn from the audio-visual material.

    To induce students' voluntary participation, teachers use a variety of dynamic teaching methods in class. Through interactive tasks and incorporating students? individual experiences teachers encourage active student participation.

    As reading is a central skill in learning a new language, teachers make sure to include a variety of texts and media encountered in everyday life in Korea. In order to teach and reinforce the Korean alphabet and reading in Korean, teachers conduct their courses with different sets of strategies in mind. For instance, they use pictures, cards, games and other useful pedagogical tools.

    Because writing is not only a skill needed to express one's thoughts, but also a process of thinking and writing, teachers serve as facilitators or guides through this process. Through a learner-centered model of language teaching, students get individual attention regarding their writing strengths and weaknesses. In the introductory course, pronunciation and writing are taught together for students to identify the Korean alphabet and phonetics properly and write them accurately.

    Korean (Konkuk University Press, Co.); Along with the language textbook, workbooks, audio & cd-rom programs, videos and worksheets will be used.

Course Disclaimer

Courses and course hours of instruction are subject to change.