Intermediate Korean Language

Konkuk University

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    Intermediate Korean Language

  • Host University

    Konkuk University

  • Location

    Seoul, South Korea

  • Area of Study

    Asian Studies, Korean

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  • Overview

    (Please note that an additional cost will be charged if you want to take this level of Korean language course, as only Beginning Korean language course is included in the program cost per Konkuk University. )

    This course is designed to increase students? proficiency in the Korean language in the following areas: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. The language of instruction is Korean and the students are international students from various countries including the U.S., China, France and many others.

    In this course students will acquire the ability to:

    • Distinguish more accurate pronunciation of difficult words.
    • Understand basic sentence structures such as simple and compound sentences.
    • Make full use of basic expressions including hobbies, keeping diary, boarding and able to use non-honorific forms properly.
    • Utilize their vocabularies for expressing their opinions of everyday life.
    • Understand passive verbs, causative verbs, terminative endings for conjectural verbs, and nominal forms.
    • Communicate with Koreans, based upon understanding of Koreans' ways of thinking and custom.

    Week 1 1-4, review1
    Move, Leisure, Health

    Week 2 5-8, review2
    Request, First impression, Bank, Breakdown

    Week 3 9-12. review3
    Method, Shopping, Food

    Week 4 13-16, review4
    Laundry, Quarrel, Advertisement

    Week 5 General review1, Mid-Term Exam

    Week 6 17-20, review5
    Eating out, Ask after somebody, Custom

    Week 7 21-24, review 6
    Lie, Cultural difference

    Week 8 25-28, review7
    Taste, Dream, Proverb, Taboo

    Week 9 29-32, review8
    Field trip, Virtue, Regret, Future

    Week 10 General review2,
    Final Exam
    Completion Ceremony

    *Please note that the Konkuk University transcript will reflect this course as "Korean Language 1" if taken during the spring semester, or "Korean Language 2" if taken during the fall. The course content is the same; the number in the title is simply to identify the term it was taken.


    Please note that the Korean Language course taught during semester programs, is only evaluated on a Pass(P)/No-Pass(N) basis. If you pass the course, your official academic Konkuk University transcript will indicate your performance in this class with "P" as the final grade. If you do not pass the course, this course will NOT appear on your official transcript from Konkuk University. However, a confirmation letter of your enrollment in this course will accompany your transcript. It is your responsibility to discuss with your advisor if/how your standing at your home university will be affected in the event that you do not pass this course.

Course Disclaimer

Courses and course hours of instruction are subject to change.