Observational and Interpretative Studio Drawing

Korea University

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Observational and Interpretative Studio Drawing

  • Host University

    Korea University

  • Location

    Seoul, South Korea

  • Area of Study

    Art, Studio Art

  • Language Level

    Taught In English

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  • Overview

    This basic level drawing course introduces direct observational drawing methods that can be applied to subjects found in the student’s immediate environment. Approaches to drawing still life objects and portrait studies will be demonstrated in a studio class setting. After basic orientation in traditional drawing skills are covered, drawing projects allowing for individual interpretation will be presented. The following drawing media will be introduced: graphite pencil and color pencil, pastel and charcoal.

    Recording subjects and communicating via the medium of drawing, that most fundamental of visual languages, is a skill that can serve persons engaged in the practice of science, applied art, design, education and business, besides the fine arts. Many people mistakenly think that it is not possible to learn how to draw subjects accurately and that people who can draw well are artists who born with that “gift”. Representational drawing is a skill like any other, such as reasoning in math, reading, and writing, if the methods of observational drawing are presented in clear and concise steps, anyone’s aptitude in this medium can improve.

    In addition to in class demonstrations, extra information about drawing media and methods will be included in Power Point notes available to students to download on Blackboard. Since class time is composed of brief lectures, demonstrations and tutoring individual students during class/studio time, students are expected to refer to PPT notes on their own initiative and time.

    The objectives of this course are:

    1. To improve the student’s ability to observe 3d subjects, record them accurately in well designed drawing compositions
    2. To encourage students to select his/her own subject models and reference materials in order to develop unique personal content in their art work.
    3. To help each student, (more or less) develop individual and expressive Drawing approaches and styles.

    Be prepared to put in at least as many hours outside this drawing class, on your own time to complete all required work as well as to get the maximum benefit of skill development that will be gained by putting in these extra hours. The KU classroom studio will be available for students to work in before and, or after class periods. The official policy on absenteeism and the grade scale of Korea University is applied in this course. In addition to grading the artwork assignments, how genuine the students’ efforts are perceived by the professor, will be a factor is determining grades as well.

    The professor reserves the right to change course projects if a situation requires a change. Come to class at the start of each period as lectures and demonstrations will not be repeated. *Plagiarism, or even the suspicion of plagiarism will result in the lowering of the course grade or failing the course completely. Only the art assignments given during the 2017 124 ISC Program, which were witnessed by the professor as to the assignments’ development by the student in class will be graded. No “extra credit” artwork will be accepted for grading in the Midterm or Final exam Portfolios.


Course Disclaimer

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