Media, Publicity, and Communication in France

Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Media, Publicity, and Communication in France

  • Host University

    Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne

  • Location

    Paris, France

  • Area of Study

    Communication, French, Mass Communications, Media and Journalism, Media Studies

  • Language Level

    Beginning, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced, High Advanced, Superior

    Hours & Credits

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  • Overview

    This cycle offers a journey into the history of the media, advertising and communication in France. It allows learners to develop knowledge of cultural history while taking into account contemporary issues.

    Program by session:
    1- introductory remarks; the media of the writing: history of the written press in France and vocabulary of the press

    2- Panorama of the current press, the telephone and the cinema

    3- The media of sound and the image: the cinema (continuation and end) and the radio

    4- The media of sound and image: television

    5- The media of sound and image: television (continuation and end)

    6- Advertising

    7- Advertising (continuation and end)

    8- Political and public communication

    9- Political and public communication (continuation and end)

    10- Summary and revisions

    - know the history of the press, the media of sound and image
    - to understand the current media landscape in France
    - develop a general culture around these themes

    Pedagogical approach
    Interactive conference with many cultural contributions giving an important place to the participation of a non-French speaking audience

    Preferred supports
    During the conference:
    Broadcast videos and illustrations
    Power point support

    After the session:
    Written support distributed at the beginning of the conference that allows students to better organize note taking and revisions

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