History and Francophonie

Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne

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    History and Francophonie

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    Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne

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    Paris, France

  • Area of Study

    French, French Culture, History

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    Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced, High Advanced, Superior

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  • Overview

    This lecture series focuses on the history of French and Francophonie. In this cycle, we will show the evolution of the French language and its causes and the links between its diffusion and the French colonization.

    These lectures are divided into two-hour sessions highlighting the evolution of French in its historical context. This perspective will also shed light on the etymology of current French and allow learners to understand the origin of words and French grammar.
    Course Content: We propose a cycle of ten lectures, entitled History and Francophonie

    Program by session:
    1st part: History of France and French
    1 - The birth of French
    2 - The evolution of French
    Part 2: Francophonie, a direct consequence of colonization
    3 - The first colonial empire (1534 - 1803)
    4- The second colonial empire (1830 - 1962)
    5- Myths and realities of "the biggest France"
    Part 3: Decolonization: weakening or strengthening the Francophonie?
    6- The first phase of decolonization: 1945-1955
    7- External Intervention (Thursday, March 29, 2018) - Spaces of Francophone Literature by Mr R. Fonkoua
    8- The second phase of decolonization: from 1955 to 1962
    9 - The consequences of decolonization on the Francophonie
    10 - Summary and revisions

    - know the origin of French
    - understand the evolution of French in the light of the historical context
    - to know the origins of the Francophonie and to become aware of its extent
    - question the conservation and appropriation of French in other cultures

    Pedagogical approach:
    Course delivered in the form of a lecture with naturally possibility for students to ask questions or to intervene

    Supporting Materials:
    - During the conference:
    Broadcast videos, audio documents and illustrations on Power point support
    - After the session:
    Written support distributed at the beginning of the conference that allows students to better organize note taking and revisions.

    Student evaluation:
    Review held at the 11th meeting
    Duration: 2 hours
    No authorized documents
    Multiple Choice Questionnaire and Reflection Questions Requiring Written Response (for Advanced and Advanced Students)

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