Overview of French Habits & Traditions

Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne

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    Overview of French Habits & Traditions

  • Host University

    Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne

  • Location

    Paris, France

  • Area of Study

    French Culture

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    Beginning, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced

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  • Overview

    France is not only Paris and its region and the Côte d'Azur.
    We invite you to discover aspects of geography, history and traditions

    This cycle of conferences offers a panorama of landscapes, riches
    of its major cities, "French-style" lifestyles.

    Here are 10 conferences, of two hours each, which propose you a program of culture
    general to allow you to understand a little better France and the habits of the
    everyday life of the French.

    Program by session:
    1- French space.
    2- Heritage.
    3- The big cities of the Hexagon (1st part).
    4- The big cities of the Hexagon (2nd part).
    5- At the table! Cuisine and wines.
    6- The calendar of festivals and traditions (1st part).
    7- The calendar of festivals and traditions (2nd part).
    8- French song through the centuries.
    9- The faces of the French.
    10- French holidays.
    Description and objectives:
    This cycle of lectures allows students to complete their study of the French language through a more global cultural approach; thanks to :
    • the presentation of an overview of landscapes, cultural riches, traditions,
    lifestyles "à la française".
    By presenting aspects of French geography, history and traditions, this cycle allows them to enrich their level of knowledge in general culture in order to better understand why France is not just about Paris and its region and the Riviera. Riches and cultural diversities are also at the rendezvous in our regions and also well beyond its hexagonal borders.
    These 10 conferences, of two hours each, deal with themes of general culture so that non-French speaking students can better understand France and the habits of daily life of the French. Their objectives are:
    - improve their perception and understanding of the world around them,
    - to develop their curiosity and their desire to discover the different aspects of French culture,
    - to encourage them to visit cultural sites both in Paris and in the region,
    - to prepare them to take lectures at the University,
    - to help them select future holiday destinations in mainland France or overseas.
    Pedagogical approach:
    - These lectures allow students to develop their listening skills.
    - The hundred students present in the conference room does not prevent the exchange of simple questions with points already explained and to which the majority of students can participate. Students may also be asked to repeat proper nouns or complex words to facilitate pronunciation.
    - All difficult words are explained by images or by searching for known simple words.
    Before the session :
    Distribution (at the entrance, before the start of the conference) of a booklet allowing students to follow the progress of the slide show and keep a written record of the content of the conference (writing respecting the chronological order of the presentation of the slides ). This booklet is also the medium on which students can review for the final evaluation.
    During the session:
    Projection of a slideshow in "Powerpoint" format to facilitate understanding and illustrate
    explanations. On the slides of the slide show (between 50 and 150) appear, related to the subject treated:
    - the difficult vocabulary,
    - very many images,
    - illustrations and photos,
    - hypertext links to video documents (links to Internet sites presenting
    movie trailers, interviews, reports, testimonials, video clips of songs).
    After the session: access to a digital workspace: the booklet and all the audio and video links presented during the conference are available on the "it's learning" platform.

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