Cinema: The French Touch

Institut Catholique de Paris

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    Cinema: The French Touch

  • Host University

    Institut Catholique de Paris

  • Location

    Paris, France

  • Area of Study

    Film Studies, French Culture

  • Language Level

    Intermediate, High Intermediate

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  • Overview

    1 / General objectives of the course:
    What is called the French Touch? In terms of cinema, can we speak of an aesthetic or "typically" French themes? This is the question that the course proposes to explore throughout a visionary journey that begins at the beginning of the 20th century and ends a century later, when the Internet allows access to thousands Of films from all cultures.

    2 / Pedagogical approach:
    The course will be structured around the screenings. It is a matter of acquiring the first reflexes of film analysis and of highlighting what the films tell of their authors and the French society. Beyond the film analysis, the course will highlight the characteristics of the French economic model. Several sequences will be analyzed in pairs. Students will be encouraged to tap into their own cinematography to enrich their work.

    3 / Supports
    The main material, the films, will be brought by the teacher. Students will be asked to see at least one indoor film.

    4 / Bibliographical references summary / Recommended sites
    Prédal René, 50 years of French cinema, Nathan Université, 1992
    Bibliothèque du Cinéma François Truffaut, 4, rue du Cinéma, Paris 75001 (Forum des Halles)

    5 / Evaluation: four notes.
    Note 1: Working on a table - Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ).
    Note 2: a sequence analysis presented orally - group work Note 3: table work - MCQ (Multiple Choice Questionnaire)
    Note 4: participation in activities
    Attendance at table controls is mandatory to obtain the certificate.


    1. Preamble: the origins of cinema - views
    2. Is cinema an art?
    The notion of author - views
    3. The 1930s: cinema at the heart of the turmoil
    Boudu saved from the waters - Jean Renoir 1932
    4. Introduction to Analysis
    The financing of French cinema
    5. TEST 1 and viewing / 40 years.
    The Beauty and the Beast - Jean Cocteau 1946 (excerpts)
    6. The 50's
    The Devilish Henri Georges Clouzot - 1955

    7. The 1960s "The New Wave".
    Watch: Adieu Philippine - Jacques Rozier 1962

     8. Two decades of short-viewing and collective analysis
    Group Work / Scenario

    9. The 80's
    Visionnage A nos amours - Maurice Pialat 1983 Restitution analyzes
    10. TEST 2
    Watching Goodbye Children - Louis Malle 1987

    11. Introduction to the 2000s (various excerpts) Group activities
    Restitution analyzes

    12. Towards a mixture of genres?
    Watching Persepolis - Marjane Satrapi 2007
    13. Grandeur et misères of the Cannes Film Festival
    Restitution analyzes

    14. The real in cinema
    Viewing Polisse - Maïwenn 2011 Restitution analyzes
    15. Balance + Film «surprise» ...

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