History of France: from the Middle Ages to the 5th Republic

Institut Catholique de Paris

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    History of France: from the Middle Ages to the 5th Republic

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    Institut Catholique de Paris

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    Paris, France

  • Area of Study

    French Culture, History

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    Intermediate, High Intermediate

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  • Overview

    1. The Middle Ages

    -Jeanne d'Arc

    -The One Hundred Years War

    -The construction of Cathedrals in France


    2. The Renaissance in France

    -The castles of the Loire Valley

    -Francois the 1st

    -The ordinance of Villers-Cotterêts: August 10-25, 1539 -Leonardo DeVinci -The Pléiade: Ronsard, Bellay, etc. 


    3. From Henry IV to Louis XIV: towards royal absolutism

    -Henri IV and the Edict of Nantes

    -Louis XIII, Richelieu and the assertion of royal power

    -Vaux-le-Vicomte and Fouquet

    -Louis XIV, Versailles and his artists: the absolute monarch.

    -Jean de la Fontaine

    -The Classical Theater: Corneille, Racine

    -The theater according to Molière

    -Versailles and its celebrations



    4. The Age of Enlightenment

    -The philosophers

    - "When Europe spoke French"

    - Scientific and technical progress


    5. The French Revolution

    -Its important figures.

    -Its important events.

    -The symbols of the French Republic


    6. From Bonaparte to Napoleon I

    -Biography of Napoleon

    -The administrative and architectural achievements of Napoleon


    7. Victor Hugo through his political struggles and his great works

    -The death penalty

    -The construction of Europe

    -The fight against misery

    -The romantic theater

    -His poetry

    -His great novels


    8. 1830: The Three Glorious and the adventure of Romanticism 

    -Louis Philippe

    -Delacroix: Freedom guiding the people

    - Romanticism in France, in arts and letters


    9. The Second Empire (1852-1870)

    -Napoleon III

    -Paris rebuilt by Haussmann

    -The Opera Garnier

    -Festivals under the Empire



    10. Some highlights of the Third Republic (from September 4, 1870 to July 10, 1940)

    - 1874: beginning of Impressionism.

    -1881: Freedom of the press

    -1881-1882: The Jules Ferry laws on the school

    -1894-1906: The Dreyfus Affair

    -1905: Law of Separation of Churches and State.

    -1914-1918: The First World War.

    -1936: The Popular Front: Paid holidays


    11. "The Belle Epoque": France from 1880 to 1914


    12. The Roaring Twenties (1920-1929): Period of intense social, cultural and artistic activity


    13. From the French State (1940 to 1944) to the Fourth Republic (1946-1958)

    -The Second World War

    -The Indochina War

    -The Algerian war

    -The women's vote


    14. The Fifth Republic

    -Charles de Gaulle

    -The different presidents of the Fifth Republic

    -May 1968

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