Influential People in French History

Institut Catholique de Paris

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Influential People in French History

  • Host University

    Institut Catholique de Paris

  • Location

    Paris, France

  • Area of Study

    French, French Culture, History

  • Language Level

    High Intermediate, Advanced, High Advanced

    Hours & Credits

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  • Overview

    1 / General objectives of the course:
    To discover the emblematic personalities who made the History of France from Joan of Arc to François Mitterand.
    To study their influence in the construction of France.
    To examine the evolution of the perception of these personalities through time.
    Acquire clear chronological landmarks from the great periods of French history.

    2 / Pedagogical approach of the teacher
    The order of the course will follow the chronology of the History of France.
    To ensure the understanding of the work of the forms will be to complete both current and at home. Booklets provided by the teacher will be read in progress and personal work.

    3 / Supports
    A booklet designed by the teacher for each personality studied.
    DVD: historical and documentary films.
    Extracts from books.

    4 / Bibliographical references summary
    History of France Jacques Bainville.
    François 1st Gonzague Saint Bris.
    Journal of an Italian Princess C. de Lasa.
    Henry IV and France reconciled Gonzague Saint Bris.
    Richelieu Faith in France Max Gallo.
    Memories of War Charles de Gaulle.
    The Army of Shadows Joseph Kessel.

    5 / Evaluation
    Three production notes:
    Note 1: Table test.
    Note 2: Reading sheet.
    Note 3: A presentation.
    Participation note: Attendance, initiative, responsiveness, relevance of interventions
    Each note takes into account knowledge and expression in French.
    Attendance at table controls is mandatory to obtain the certificate.

    6 / Attendance, punctuality
    Beyond that, neither the Certificate of Attendance nor the Certificate of Results can be awarded.
    In case of absence or delay, notify the teacher and the secretariat. Provide proof upon return to class. It is up to you to inquire (with the class delegate or a fellow) about the work done and the duties requested.


    Theme session
    1 Jeanne d'Arc an enigmatic and fascinating figure.

    2 Francis I the Father and Restorer of Letters.

    3 Catherine de Medicis: the black queen myth or reality?

    4 A new dynasty: Henry IV.

    5 Richelieu: the Prime Minister?

    6 Louis XIV: a king and artists.

    7 Marie-Antoinette: grandeur and decadence of royalty.

    8 Danton and Robespierre: symbols of the French Revolution.

    9 Napoleon: the ascent.

    10 Napoleon: the fall.

    11 Jean Jaurès: the birth of the French left.

    12 Marshal Pétain: an ambiguous personality.

    13 Charles de Gaulle: the resistance.

    14 Charles de Gaulle: the presidency.

    15 François Mitterrand: a destiny, a destiny.

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