French Language 7 (Intermediate)

Dublin City University

Course Description

  • Course Name

    French Language 7 (Intermediate)

  • Host University

    Dublin City University

  • Location

    Dublin, Ireland

  • Area of Study

    French, French Culture

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  • Overview

    Using a methodology based on the following three key approaches, peer teaching, content & language integrated learning (CLIL), and critical pedagogy, students are encouraged to develop a critical awareness of globalisation as a political, social and economic phenomenon and in so doing are made responsible for a complete teaching task in French from beginning to end. This involves selecting a topic of interest to the class, researching the topic, devising suitable class activities, managing class delivery, encouraging class participation, and critically evaluating their own performance and that of their peers. This module aims to foster intercultural awareness and understanding, to encourage student participation, autonomy, responsibility, originality, imagination and reflective practice; to give students the opportunity to present a complex topic in a critical and interactive manner to a specialised audience with a good degree of fluency; to allow students to evaluate their work and performance and those of their peers; to enhance students' reflective and critical thinking through the writing of peer teaching reports; to further develop students' ability to apply a range of transferable skills such as time management, team work, project management and oral presentation skills. The overall objective of the course is to assist students to become fully autonomous language learners and to enable them to achieve the level of written and oral fluency and cultural awareness that will be required of them in an intercultural workplace at home or abroad. 

    Learning Outcomes
    1. Demonstrate understanding and extract the main ideas from a wide range of long and complex text and audio-visual documents on specialised topics related to the theme of globalisation.
    2. Present a complex topic in an interactive manner to a specialised audience with a level of fluency and accuracy appropriate for this level.
    3. Devise, prepare and conduct suitable class activities related to the topic chosen for the presentation.
    4. Write a clear and well structured group report outlining objectives and methodology and demonstrating reflective and critical thinking on the tasks carried out within a working group, with a level of accuracy appropriate for this level.
    5. Critically evaluate the performance of peers and write an individual report on other class presentations with a level of clarity and accuracy appropriate for this level.