French Language 6 (Ex Intermediate)

Dublin City University

Course Description

  • Course Name

    French Language 6 (Ex Intermediate)

  • Host University

    Dublin City University

  • Location

    Dublin, Ireland

  • Area of Study

    French, French Culture

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  • Overview

    The overall objective of the module is to provide students with skills that will enable them to become autonomous learners, to increase language proficiency, to facilitate their use of different registers of language in written and oral production and to gain an insight into sociocultural adaptation issues. 

    Learning Outcomes
    1. Understand a clearly structured lecture on a familiar subject and take notes on points which strike him/her as important; synthesize and report information and arguments from a number of sources (spoken and written)
    2. Demonstrate an awareness of some of the sociocultural features (e.g. everyday living, interpersonal relations, social conventions etc.) of diverse communities they may join or interact with during a period of residence in a French speaking country (e.g. university staff, fellow students, social groupings, administration/officials etc.)
    3. Demonstrate a sufficient level of digital literacies to fully participate in French speaking digital spaces
    4. Give clear, detailed descriptions and presentations on a wide range of subjects related to his/her field of study and intercultural experience, expanding and supporting ideas with subsidiary points and relevant examples, orally and/or in writing
    5. Draw on a sufficient range of language to give clear descriptions, express viewpoints and develop arguments, without much conspicuous searching for words when speaking, and using some complex sentence forms to do so (orally and in writing) and different registers depending on the communication genre and medium
    6. Use the Portfolio to reflect on his/her learning experience, language and competences development, and learning outcomes