German Language 2(Beginners)

Dublin City University

Course Description

  • Course Name

    German Language 2(Beginners)

  • Host University

    Dublin City University

  • Location

    Dublin, Ireland

  • Area of Study

    German, German Culture

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  • Overview

    This module aims to help students develop their knowledge about some of the essential aspects of the language and cultures of German-speaking countries. Students will continue to be introduced to a range of everyday situations requiring the use of specified linguistic skills. Students will be guided in the development of a range of language learning strategies and transferable skills, such as independent learning. 

    Learning Outcomes
    1. Understand short simple texts containing high frequency vocabulary and increasingly complex syntax.
    2. Provide a simple written description of people, living or working conditions, daily routines, likes/dislikes.
    3. Produce sentences that are largely orthographically correct.
    4. Generally understand clear standard speech on familiar matters directed at him/her.
    5. Ask and answer simple questions, initiate and respond to simple statements in areas of immediate need or on very familiar topics.
    6. Use basic vocabulary which enables him/her to deal with everyday situations with predictable content.
    7. Demonstrate control of basic as well as increasingly complex grammatical structures (e.g. word order in main and subordinate clauses, the use of genders and cases, adjectival endings).
    8. Demonstrate metalinguistic awareness of the most important grammatical features encountered so far.
    9. Source information in the target language, using a variety of online and offline media and contacts.