Quantum and Inorganic Chemistry

Dublin City University

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    Quantum and Inorganic Chemistry

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    Dublin City University

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    Dublin, Ireland

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    Taught In English

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  • Overview

    To develop an understanding of the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics and its application to chemical problems. To improve student's numerical skills and to develop reasoning and problem-solving expertise. To apply theory so as to understand the spectra of atomic and molecular species. To provide a theoretical background to practical laboratory training. To develop a better and more detailed understanding of coordination chemistry and the application of ligand field, valence bond and molecular orbital theory to describe both bonding and excited state properties. Discuss the application of physical techniques for the study of transition metal complexies.

    Learning Outcomes
    1. Identify the manifestations of quantum mechanics in the every day world and in the chemical laboratory.
    2. Understand the wave nature of atomic and molecular orbitals through detailed consideration of model wave systems.
    3. Analyse spectrophotomeric data of inorganic complexes in terms of accepted models for the bonding in these complexes.
    4. Demonstrate an understanding of the application of increasingly complex models to the interpretation of scientific data, as required by that data.