Intensive Italian for Nine Credits (Advanced)

Florence University of the Arts and Apicius International School of Hospitality

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Intensive Italian for Nine Credits (Advanced)

  • Host University

    Florence University of the Arts and Apicius International School of Hospitality

  • Location

    Florence, Italy

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  • Prerequisites

    3 semesters of Italian language or equivalent. Unofficial transcript submission required.

    Hours & Credits

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  • Overview

    This intensive nine-credit course is intended for students who have previously completed three semesters of Italian language studies at the undergraduate level. It will give students the opportunity to experience a total language immersion, preparing them to acquire quite complex language structures and a more sophisticated use of the language, both written and spoken. Upon course conclusion, students will be able to recognize different registers of communication in Italian from the very colloquial to the literary standard, engage in complex conversations on both specialized and non-specialized topics, and read and discuss a wide range of literary, scientific, and media excerpts. The grammatical structures covered will introduce students to Passato Remoto, Periodo Ipotetico, Gerundio, and Infinito Passato. The course will then move on to a review of the four Subjunctive tenses, the difference between Indicative and Subjunctive, the Indicative and Subjunctive tense agreement, a more in-depth study of the Periodo Ipotetico, and the Passive. It will finally introduce students to non-finite forms of verbs (Forme Implicite), i.e. the use of Gerund, Present, and Past Participle, and the Infinitive. All lessons will be taught in Italian. 

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