Purpose Brands Transforming and Communicating for a Sustainable Change

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

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    Purpose Brands Transforming and Communicating for a Sustainable Change

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    Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

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    Milan, Italy

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    Taught In English

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    We are witnessing a new scenario where everyone (profit and non-profit companies, both public and private) can create value, contributing to the economic and social growth of the community. This active change with participatory and collaborative dynamics involves a plurality of subjects. Thus, the gradual affirmation of a model centred on human evolution postulates the impossibility of progress for a society without a development in the real (subjective and objective) capacities of people. If there is a point on which the post modernity advocates converge, it is the centrality of 'consumerism' in contemporary culture. Antony Giddens stressed that consumerism can represent at the same time the cause and the solution of the crisis of identity of the "post traditional" society. In the last decade a new generation of educated, digital and open to change consumers seems driven by a new concept of 'well-being', far beyond materialism and individualism. This ' conscious consumption ' trend implies that in the purchase funnel consumers consider, besides price and product, also values and purposes of the brand. Since 2014 the largest consultancy companies (Deloitte, Edelmann, Nielsen...) confirm the affirmation of a 'purpose driven consumer', that need to be engaged through brand's values sharing, and the global CEOs now know it: in 2016, 80% claimed to invest in a sustainable change to support reputation and trust to their company. It is therefore not surprising that more and more socially sensitive topics are being exploited in brand communication strategies to enable companies to stimulate a favourable attitude towards the brand. The growth of new communication tools, such as content marketing, native ADV, branded content & entertainment, creates the ideal space to "evolve the brand on the symbolic level and make it express its views on the world, inserting it into the collective cultural heritage "(Daniel Bo) The Purpose Brands course by Elena Grinta will demonstrate how direct advertising and content marketing /native ADV / branded content & Entertainment /experiential marketing are different powerful branding tools when brands "walk the talk": what the brand says, through every media, its récit, to quote Paul Ricoeur is in full agreement with what the brand is, its Histoire ; otherwise, violations of the ethos, which imply a collision between the imaginary created and communicated and the reality of the facts, can imply enormous damage, sometimes irreversible, for the entire business.

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