Intermediate Spanish Language

Universidad de Barcelona

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    Intermediate Spanish Language

  • Host University

    Universidad de Barcelona

  • Location

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Area of Study

    Spanish, Spanish Culture

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  • Overview


    1. To master the syntactical structures and complex morphology.
    2. To master the morphological level, by process of compositions. Treatment of the Anglicism
    3. To improve communicative abilities in the oral and conversational text with special lexical emphasis.
    4. To master the following communicative functions: narration, description.

    1. The spelling of words. Accentuation and punctuation.
    2. Indicative: Temporary opposition within the different forms
    3. The article. The personal pronouns: unstressed and tonic forms. Impersonal structure with se. Reflexive, reciprocal and pronominal verbs.
    4. Ser and Estar: Define and describe. Passive action and results structures. Speaker, time, and aspect in verbal periphrases.
    5. The subjunctive. Temporary opposition in the different forms.
    6. The noun prototypical subordination (Temporal and link correlation)
    7. The adjective subordination or prototypical relative (structure and links)
    8. The adverbial subordination: time, place and mode. Conditionals, concessive, causes, consecutives, and prototypical endings.
    9. The indirect style. The reproduction of another?s speech: Prepositions: time, space, and verbal regimen.
    10. The construction of descriptive texts, narratives and argumentative.

Course Disclaimer

Courses and course hours of instruction are subject to change.


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