Human Resources Management

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Human Resources Management

  • Host University

    Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

  • Location

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Area of Study

    Behavioral Science, Human Resources, Marketing

  • Language Level

    Taught In English

  • Prerequisites

    Please note that unlike all other 45 hour courses at the UAB, this course meets only once per week for twice as long (3 hours and 40 minutes), and will include visits to local companies.

    Hours & Credits

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  • Overview


    The objective of this course is to enable students to find their place in organizations by developing the appropriated competencies and promoting the right attitudes and behaviour. In order to balance life and career pursuits, nowadays, we talk about managing career trajectories. Ethics and Tech Savvy have also become critical. Students will have to design a marketing plan where they are the product. We will study the latest trends in job searching as well as web 2.0 technologies to create ones personal branding and product placement in the labour market.

    The program invites students to reflection on the use of diverse tools. The feedback they get from both the teacher and their colleagues (from different nationalities) is very important; as the former and the later may act as a focus group from the worldwide marketplace.



         - The course combines techniques from organizational psychology, coaching and mentoring. Introduce students to the latest 2.0 technologies.

         - Combines Career Exploration and Job Searching with Marketing tools such as the Marketing plan and Personal Branding concept.

         - Guest speakers (Human Resources Managers and Recruiting Managers) will be invited to class.

         - The instructor will work closely which each student.

         - The professor enhances networking within the classroom as an essential tool for their professional development.



    This course is student-centered and designed to engage them in learning about career development and global competence, with an emphasis upon reflection on learning “in action” while studying abroad. Instructional methods include lectures, in-class discussions, experiential exercises, case studies, technical notes and readings, questionnaires, multi-media resources, role-playings, guest speakers and active class participation.



    • Fluent in English
    • Students who enroll in this class have to be ready to take the initiative in planning their career adopting an active role during classes.



    1. Student Expectations

    2. Syllabus Review and Grading Methods

    3. What is success for me?

    4. Learning to learn

    5. Life trajectories

    6. Mentoring and coaching

    7. Creativity as a core competence

    8. The hiring process from the company perspective

    9. Assessment Centers and Development Centers

    10. The Marketing plan Scheme

    11. The Personal Marketing plan

         11.1. Discovering my mission, vision, and personal values

         11.2. SWOT analysis

                11.2.1. Self-assessment

                11.2.2. Market analysis: Researching your occupation and career exploration

         11.3. Objectives

         11.4. Strategy

                11.4.1. Segmentation (Target Market) and Positioning (Your brand in the customer mind)

                11.4.2. Marketing Mix: The 4 P’s

               Product: Personal Branding. Your value proposition

               Placement (job search channels): Networking.

               Promotion (résumé or curriculum vitae, video curriculum, cover letters and follow-up letters, narratives based on competencies…) The job interview

               Price (your salary) 

    12. Tutorials

    13. Employment Trends and 21st Century Jobs

    14. Getting the best from you Study Abroad Experience

    15. Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

    16. The entrepreneurship culture and competencies

    17. Social entrepreneurship and social innovation



    Creativity, Tech savvy, Critical thinking, Decision making, Problem solving, Teamwork, Initiative, Ethics, Excellence , Flexibility and adaptability, Cross cultural competence , Resilience, Ambiguity tolerance, Sense of humor, Accountability, Self-esteem, Tolerance to frustration, Self-awareness, Social-awareness, Emotional selfcontrol, Optimism, Achievement orientation, Influence, Communication and Building bonds.