Spanish Art and Architecture

Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo - Barcelona

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    Spanish Art and Architecture

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    Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo - Barcelona

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    Barcelona, Spain

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    Architecture, Art

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  • Recommended U.S. Semester Credits
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    -To intimately know Spain?s rich cultural heritage through its main artistic movements, artists, and maximum exponents.
    -To know how to read, interpret, analyze, and contextualize works of art, artists, and monuments.
    -To improve Spanish language abilities, particularly reading and listening comprehension and public speaking.
    -To strengthen argumentative capabilities, the defense of ideas, and critical analysis through classroom discussion.
    -With Barcelona as a classroom, special attention will be focused on the city?s history, with field trips to locations and museums relevant to topics discussed throughout the course


    Introduction: from Altamira to Zaragoza?s International Exhibition

    -Brief introduction to Spain?s rich cultural heritage from pre-Roman to modern times.
    -Barcelona as an example. Visit the Barcelona History Museum.


    1. Velázquez: Main works. Art, artist, society, and power. Selected work: ?Las Meninas.?
    2. Goya: Main works. Art, artist, society, and power. Selected work: ?La Familia de Carlos V.?
    Movie: ?Goya? by Carlos Saura. Analysis and commentary.
    3. Salvador Dalí: Beyond surrealism. The power of money and merchandising.
    Supporting visuals: ?Un perro andaluz? and fragments from ?La edad de oro? by Luís Buñuel.

    Picasso: The power of a XXI century genius. Cubism and much more. A creator and born genius, Analysis of his main works. ?Gernika? and its significance. Supporting cinematic visuals: ?Surviving Picasso? by James Ivory. Analysis and commentary.

    Miró: Surrealism and painted poetry: primitivism. Beyond Miró?s art.


    1. Muslim art: Granada?s Alhambra, Córdoba?s Mezquita, and Sevilla?s main architectural works.
    2. Roman-Spanish Art: A Cataluña case study
    3. Spanish Gothic Art: Barcelona in focus.
    4. Catalan Modernism: Social and economic context. Antonio Gaudí heading the movement. Other architects of the period and their works.
    5. Present day architecture: Focus on Barcelona?s Olympic transformation and the city?s maritime facade.


    -Course based on lectures and written assignments.
    -The professor will provide supporting materials (specialized texts, slides, photos, documentaries, movies, etc.) to compliment the course.
    -In-depth analyses of each style?s representative work or artist.
    -Beyond lectures and supporting materials, there will be a practice session in which students and professor make a group synthesis as well as an evaluation of the movement?s or artists? most relevant aspects through ?key questions.?

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Courses and course hours of instruction are subject to change.