Neurosciences and the Humanities: Brain, Philosophy and Art

Universidad Pompeu Fabra

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    Neurosciences and the Humanities: Brain, Philosophy and Art

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    Universidad Pompeu Fabra

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    Barcelona, Spain

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    Taught In English

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    How reliable is our perception of the world? What is consciousness? Is free will an illusion? Does beauty reside in our brain? Neurosciences study the brain, from genes and cells to behavior and, during the last years, the scientific study of the brain has provided radical new clues about how the brain works. This knowledge has strong implications for many areas of human activity outside the conventional environment of medicine or psychology, and expands to economics, laws, philosophy or art. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the dialogue between neurosciences and humanities, thereby breaking the classical gap between CP Snows? ?Two Cultures?. The intersecting topics range from philosophical and ethical issues, such as free will, the grounds of knowledge, or economic behavior, to questions related to art and culture

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