Spanish Sign Language

Universidad de Granada

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Spanish Sign Language

  • Host University

    Universidad de Granada

  • Location

    Granada, Spain

  • Area of Study

    Modern Languages, Sign Language, Spanish

  • Language Level

    High Advanced

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  • Overview


    In this class the student learns the Spanish Sign language at an introductory level as described in the following points:

    - Learning the dactyl alphabet. Practice signing first with words, to later be able to continue practicing signing short paragraphs.

    - Using a basic lexical repertoire related to basic personal information and specified situations, correctly articulating the signs and identifying their components.

    - Producing some simple and prepared statements that are grammatically correct and are coherent with basic linking words. Students will be able to:

    - Introduce themselves and say goodbye, respecting the social norms in sign language.

    - Provide physical descriptions and provide basic information about themselves, family or place of residence.

    - Ask for and provide simple directions, locations, and information about the time and date.

    - Recognizing and understanding simple phrases, vocabulary and short, clear and slowly articulated signs about daily life aspects such as:

    - Personal information (family relations, work, studies).

    - Directions, location, time and dates. .