Business Spanish

ISA Study Center with Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo-Sevilla

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Business Spanish

  • Host University

    ISA Study Center with Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo-Sevilla

  • Location

    Seville, Spain

  • Area of Study

    Business, International Business, Linguistics, Modern Languages, Spanish

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    Hours & Credits

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  • Overview

    Course description: In this course students will improve their comprehension of business Spanish and will also enrich their business vocabulary. Focus will be placed in large part on developing oral communication skills, although other skills will be touched upon as well.

    Course Contents:

    1.1. Job Interviews
    1.2. Business Correspondence. Resume and cover letter.
    1.3. Contemporary traits and characteristics of the Spanish job market
    Workshops: Simulation of personnel selection

    2.1. Typology
    2.2. Organization
    2.3. The decision-making process
    Workshops: Simulation of a Board of Directors? meeting

    Internationalization/ European Union / Doing business over the phone

    The language of promotion



    Supplementary Bibliography:
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    Classroom participation: 10%
    Homework: 15%
    Oral presentation: 10%
    Mid-term exam: 20%
    Final exam (oral and written portions): 35%
    Final Research Paper: 10%

    Final grade calculation will be assessed according to the following scale:

    9 ? 10 = Outstanding
    7 ? 8,9 = Notable
    5 ? 6,9 = Passing
    0 ? 4,9 = Failing
    A student who attends class regularly but does not complete the exams = Not present
    A student exceeding the permitted number of absences = No attendance

    Oral Presentations:
    Each student will complete an oral presentation approximately 15 minutes in length about a business or industry. The professor will present subjects at the beginning of the course. Once the student has chosen a date for their presentation it is their responsibility to ensure that they are ready to present on the date assigned by the professor.

    Evaluation of the Oral Presentation: 50 Points Maximum

    Content: Did the presentation offer 15 minutes of information relevant to the course? 20

    Language: The language used was appropriate and applicable to the business world. 10

    Was the presentation interesting? Was it capable of holding other students? attention? 10

    Professionalism: 5

    Creativity: 5

    Attendance: Classroom attendance is mandatory. Students who are absent for more than 10% of course will be penalized and may be denied the opportunity to take the exams. In cases where an absence is due to medical reasons, students will be required to submit the appropriate documentation. Class starts on time and tardiness will be counted as half an absence.

    Classroom Behavior: Students will be expected to participate in classroom activities and discussions and to maintain a respectful attitude. Eating and the use of personal laptops are prohibited (unless explicitly authorized by the professor).

Course Disclaimer

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