Economy and Society in Contemporary Spain

Universidad de Sevilla

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  • Course Name

    Economy and Society in Contemporary Spain

  • Host University

    Universidad de Sevilla

  • Location

    Seville, Spain

  • Area of Study

    Economics, International Economics, Sociology, Spanish Culture

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  • Overview

    The aim of this Course is to provide students with an introduction to the study of contemporary
    Spain’s economy and society, set within the context of its European configuration, for which reason
    Spain’s reality will be continually contrasted with that of the other countries of Europe.

    1. The Fundamental Characteristics of Spain’s Economy and Society at the Beginning of the
    Nineteenth Century.
    2. Spain’s Demographic Evolution. The New Trends.
    3. The Process of Agrarian Reform: the Failure of the Liberal Reforms during the Nineteenth
    Century. The Structural Transformations of the Twentieth Century.
    4. The Beginnings of Industrialization in Spain. Expansion, Crisis, and Conversion in the
    Twentieth Century. Present-Day Regional Distribution.
    5. Commercial Policy. Interior and Exterior Commerce. Spain’s Markets and their New
    6. The Evolution of the Financial System. Banks, Credit, and Interest Rates. Monetary Policy.
    7. Transport: an Evolving Sector. Changes in the Rail System. The Modernization of Highways,
    Ports, and Airports.
    8. A Dynamic Sector: Tourism. Tourism Policy and Structural Adjustments.
    9. The Energy Sector: Conditioning Factors, Dependence, Perspectives.
    10. The Importance of the Public Sector in Spain’s Economy. The Public Sector: Origins, Rise, and
    Crisis. Privatization.
    11. The Labor Market in Spain: its Evolution. Unemployment and Measures within Economic
    12. The Evolution of Spanish Society during the Nineteenth Century. Changes during the
    Twentieth Century. The Emigration Issue.
    13. Spain and the European Union: Repercussions in Agriculture and in the Fishing Industry.
    Issues affecting the Industrial Sector. Regional Policy. The Intensity of Educational Exchanges.
    The Single Currency and Future Prospects.

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Courses and course hours of instruction are subject to change.