Inter-American Relations

Universidad de Sevilla

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    Inter-American Relations

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    Universidad de Sevilla

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    Seville, Spain

  • Area of Study

    International Affairs, International Relations, International Studies, Multicultural Studies

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  • Overview

    This Course is designed to enable students to become knowledgeable about the evolution of the
    relations between the United States and Latin America from the end of the eighteenth century to the
    present day, while not losing sight of the economic and ideological contacts and influences involving
    interaction with the countries of Europe. The aim is to ensure that students acquire an understanding of
    the historical reasons which lead to the United States becoming an empire, while providing them with
    an analysis, within this context, of the relations the U.S.A. has maintained with the rest of the countries
    within the American continent.
    Classes will be of a theoretical-practical nature, while developing the syllabus-content as stated,
    including, as a second step, discussions based on the range of standpoints that exist concerning specific
    subject-matter within contemporary historiography. During class sessions debates will be held which will
    have the reading of historical documents and specialist bibliographical sources as their starting point. In
    order to facilitate students’ comprehension of syllabus-content, use will be made of audiovisual back-up
    such as Power Point presentations, video streams, together with historical maps and charts.
    1. The Independence of the United States and its Influence upon Spanish America.
    2. The Monroe Doctrine (1823) and its Effects within Spanish America.
    3. Manifest Destiny. Its Justification as Doctrine.
    4. The Territorial Expansion of the United States and the American Civil War.
    5. The Slave Issue within the United Sates.
    6. The International Conferences of American States.
    7. War between Spain and the United States: the Case of Cuba (1898).
    8. The United States and Latin America: a History of ‘Interventionism’.
    9. The Cold War and its Junctures within Latin America.
    10. The Twenty-First Century: The U.S.A.’s Stance regarding Latin America.

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Courses and course hours of instruction are subject to change.