Literary Visions of Andalusia

Universidad de Sevilla

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    Literary Visions of Andalusia

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    Universidad de Sevilla

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    Seville, Spain

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    Art History, Literature, Spanish Culture

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    The main objective of this course is to make available the different literary and artistic visions that have had Andalusia as their focal point over time and which have helped give rise to a stereotypified image of this land and its people. In this way, the aim is to enable students to identify the origins of each of the clichés concerned, while becoming knowledgeable about Andalusian literature, art and culture so as to acquire the capacity to create his/her own image of Andalusia, while fostering thereby a critical outlook, together with a capacity for analysis and reflection.


    In order to facilitate understanding, an interdisciplinary methodology will be adopted whereby the interactive relations among literature, history and the arts will become manifest. The Course aims to be eminently practical, for which reason the maximum possible involvement on the part of students will be sought. With this in mind, students will be provided with the key theoretical foundations they will require and, based on this, the selected texts and artistic manifestations to be highlighted will be analyzed and discussed during class sessions so as to encourage communication and the structuring of thought. The goal is for the Course to be carried through in a dynamic way, which is why certain class sessions will be backed up by movie and documentary screenings, together with visits to Seville’s Museum of Fine Arts and Archive of the Indies, while a tour of literary Seville will also be undertaken.

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