Organizational Behavior and Decision Making

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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    Organizational Behavior and Decision Making

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    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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    Taught In English

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  • Overview

    Academic Skills: Students will be able to understand complex organizational problems, identify the gap in theory and practice via interactive lectures, and mapping exercises. And thereby, apply the Harvard Methodology for preparing an academic case study report.

    Knowledge: Students will be introduced to the theories and concepts of the study of Organizational Behavior and Decision Making.

    Bridging Research and Practice: Students will select a current business case from the media (relevant newspaper article) and apply related theory and concepts to problems in the actual business case.

    Social Skills: Students will work in teams and prepare a case study report, and they will prepare a presentation of their case study report.

    Self Awareness: Students will be required to provide their reaction to the study curriculum and explain how this impacted their personal development.

    In this course an examination of the human factor in an organizational context is presented. The course includes an introduction to relevant theories and concepts that can be applied in actual practice.

    Therefore, students will:
    1) acquire a basic understanding of the role of teams and groups in contemporary organizations;
    2) understand the importance of ethics;
    3) appreciate the significance of leadership and culture for organizational effectiveness. Attention will also be given to workplace diversity;
    4) acquire a basic understanding of heuristics and biases in decision making processes. Thus, social behavior in an organizational context will be analyzed at the individual, group and organizational levels.


    Examination - individual assessment.
    Case study report.

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