Sustainable Energy: Sun, Water and Wind

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Sustainable Energy: Sun, Water and Wind

  • Host University

    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

  • Location

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Area of Study

    Environmental Sustainability, Physics

  • Language Level

    Taught In English

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  • Overview

    To obtain knowlegde and skills in the field of physics of renewable energy, within the fields of solar, water and wind energy.

    This course covers a wide range of renewable energy related subjects from a physics perspective. The world energy situation is discussed, as well as the CO2 problem. Subsequently some aspects of thermal energy are discussed, such as diffusion of heat, convection and heat radiation. After a short introduction about the phenomenology of the solid state, photovoltaic cells are discussed. Finally, we turn our attention to water power and wind energy.

    classes ("colleges"), practicals ("werkcolleges") and home work

    Attending the classes and practicals is obligatory. The home work is obligatory and will be evaluated by a home work test at the beginning of each practical. In this test, students will be required to write down the answer to one randomly selected home work exercise of that week without recourse to any material (except the question). Only this home work test will be evaluated by a mark. Failure to obtain at least the mark 6 for the average of these marks will result in failing for this course. Knowledge and skills will be tested by an written exam following directly after the course. The final mark for the course is the mark obtained at the written exam, provided that the average mark for the home work tests is at least 6.

    Calculus (X_400617) Fysica: Mechanica (X_430068)

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