Business, Culture & Courses with Locals

Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina
Florianópolis, Brazil

Program Overview

Program Overview

  • Program Name

    Business, Culture & Courses with Locals

  • Location


  • Host University

    Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina

    Located at Ilha Centro and Ilha Centro Dib Mussi campuses on the island, students enrolled at the Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina’s (UNISUL) will take the majority of their courses in the colorful and bustling downtown zone of Florianópolis. ISA students at the UNISUL will take courses through the university’s international program’s office, which offers courses in Portuguese language, culture, and business. Students who possess an advanced Portuguese proficiency level are eligible to enroll in courses with local Brazilians offered at sub-campuses in the greater Florianópolis area, including Pedra Branca. The university is recognized by The Ministry of Education, Brazil (Ministério da Educação, Brazil) and offers one of the largest distance education programs in all of Latin America.

  • Term

    Fall 2 2021

  • Program Dates

    Late Jul, 2021 - Early Dec, 2021

  • Program Length


  • Application Deadline

    May 01, 2021

  • Forms and Payment Deadline

    May 15, 2021

  • Credit

    216 - 360 Contact Hours

  • Eligibility

    2.50 Minimum GPA*

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Study Abroad Program Description

Designed to expand your knowledge of the Portuguese language and granting you the opportunity to enroll in courses with local Brazilians, this program allows you to experience a typical and fully immersive semester abroad. This program requires an advanced or higher Portuguese proficiency level to which you can choose from a wide range of courses that fall under the host university's curriculum. Courses with locals are mostly 72 contact hours each and are taught at several campuses across the greater Florianópolis area. All courses are taught at the Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina by local university professors. Please note that should you not wish to enroll in at minimum one course with locals, you will be required to enroll in the Culture, Portuguese Language & Business program.

What is the difference between the A and B programs?

The A program includes a month-long intensive Portuguese program. Spring students who choose this option will enroll in a 54 contact hour intensive Portuguese course.

The B program does not include the month-long intensive Portuguese program. You will be participating in normal scheduled semester long courses.

Semester + Semester Programs Available: You can combine the Spring + Fall OR Fall + Spring sessions at a discounted price. For more information about this option, please contact your ISA Brazil Site Specialist.



Students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.50.


Students must have completed or tested out of a minimum of four semesters (six quarters) of college-level Portuguese

What's Included

Comprehensive Advising and Support

24-Hour Emergency

Comprehensive Health, Safety, and Security Support

Airport Reception

Visa Support

Tuition at the Host University


Meals and Laundry Service

Bridging Cultures Program

Full-Time Resident Staff

On-Site ISA Offices

Internet Access

ISA Discovery Model


Cultural Activities


Official Transcript from the Host University

Professional Development Toolbox

Scholarship Opportunities



Contact Hours

216 - 360

Recommended U.S. Semester Credits

14 - 24

Recommended U.S. Quarter Units

21 - 36

Academic Information

Course Selection

  • You must enroll in 216 - 360 contact hours per semester. This program is open to students at the advanced Portuguese proficiency level.
  • Courses are subject to change.
  • Eligibility for courses may be subject to prerequisites.
  • Course availability for courses offered under the Courses with International Students header is based on enrollment numbers. All students should seek pre-aproval for alternate courses in the event of last-minute class cancelations.
  • The courses with locals listed below are simply a sample of the courses with locals that may be available during a given session. Additional courses with locals may also be available. For a full list of course options, feel free to reference the Graduação section of the Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina's website.
  • Requests for sample syllabi can be made to the Brazil Program Manager.

Course Credit

  • Credits earned vary according to the policies of the students’ home institutions. According to ISA policy and possible visa requirements, students must maintain full-time enrollment status, as determined by their home institutions, for the duration of the program.
  • Per the Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina, the "contact hour" is a full 60 minutes. The hours listed have been adjusted to reflect the equivalent of the standard U.S. 50-minute contact hour. Credit transfer is ultimately determined by the student’s home university.

Language Recommendation and Placement

  • You must be at the advanced level of Portuguese in order to participate in this program. Please note that all students are required to enroll in at minimum one course with local Brazilians. Courses with locals are mostly 72 contact hours each and are taught at several campuses across the greater Florianópolis area.
  • Enrollment in Portuguese courses is determined by the results of a language placement exam administered by the Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina. Please note that your performance on the placement exam may not reflect the number of semesters of language instruction you've already completed at your home university.
  • Note: there are no beginning level Portuguese courses offered in this program.

Transcript Information

  • The transcript from the Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina will reflect contact hours for each course listed below. Please be in touch with your home university regarding credit transfer for this program.

Online Courses

  • ISA does not recommend that students sign up for online courses through their home university. If enrolling in an online course is necessary for you to meet your degree requirements, you may only enroll in one online class. It is your responsibility to confirm with your home university that you will receive credit for online courses taken through your host university.


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Courses with Local Students
Architecture and Urbanism
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Business Administration
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Computer Science
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Kinesiology and Physical Education
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Legal Studies
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72 Contact Hours
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72 Contact Hours
Political Science
72 Contact Hours
Courses with International Students

Support & Funding


Rodrigo Ferrari Franzoni

Resident Director, Brazil

Funding Your ISA Program

As an ISA participant, you have the opportunity to apply for scholarships and grants that can be applied directly to assist with your study abroad programs. ISA offers over $1,000,000 in scholarships and grants each year. To see what opportunities are available, you may visit the Scholarships and Grants page. Please note that some programs, including remote learning opportunities, are not eligible for scholarships.

View all Funding Options


Living in ISA housing will give you the opportunity to experience aspects of the Brazilian lifestyle that are inaccessible to the average visitor to Brazil. With an open-mind and flexibility, the experience of living in another culture can be highly rewarding.

We strive to match your housing preferences with our available accommodationshowever, housing preference requests cannot be guaranteed.


Host families are best if you are seeking full linguistic and cultural immersion during your time abroad. Each host family has been carefully selected by ISA's resident staff in order to best accommodate your needs and to ensure a comfortable living situation. Homestays will provide breakfast and dinner seven days a week and laundry service once a week. You will typically share a room with another ISA student of the same gender. Single rooms may be available for an additional fee.


Apartments are a great housing option if you are seeking complete independence during your time abroad. Apartments are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, and availability is limited. The apartments are located in a trendy and desirable part of town, in the Lagoa da Conceição neighborhood. Apartments typically house two ISA students, with shared room occupancy. The standard double occupancy apartments have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, lounge/living room and kitchen; single occupancy apartments have one bedroom, one bathroom, lounge/living room and kitchen. Both apartment options are available for an extra fee it is also important to note that meals and laundry services are not included. You will be expected to commute 45 minutes to an hour to and from classes. 



Independent Housing

You may elect to secure housing independently. If you select this option, you will receive a discount equal to the housing portion of the program price.



Santa Catarina Island Tour

Starting in downtown Florianópolis, you have the chance to see the blend of history and modernity that characterizes the city. From there, travel to scenic lookouts, beaches, and historical points throughout the island. Finally, stop for lunch on a beach and enjoy some of the freshly caught seafood that is the specialty of Florianópolis.

Balneário Camboriú

The town, with its steep hills dropping down to the sea, is famous for the cable car which, uniquely in the world, links the two beaches of Balneário Camboriú and Laranjeiras. You will take a boat tour around the coastlines of the two beaches, then relax, swim, and dine on the Laranjeiras beach. You will end the day riding the cable car up to the Unipraias park to enjoy the breathtaking views.

Blumenau & Itajaí River Valley

Explore the nearby town of Blumenau, nicknamed the European Valley, founded by German immigrants whose heritage has left a lasting impression on the town today. You will feel as if you have been transported to Germany as you stroll along the scenic streets and enjoy traditional German cuisine.

Serra do Tabuleiro State Park * Optional

With stunning scenery and the coldest temperatures in Brazil, this multi-day excursion provides a dramatic contrast to the beaches of Florianópolis. This region is the birthplace of rural tourism in Brazil. The cowboy-style gaucho culture is alive in this region, and activities include horseback riding, hiking, white water rafting, and bathing in hot springs.

Iguaçu Falls * Optional

During this optional multi-day excursion, you will marvel at some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world as they stand on the Brazilian side of Iguaçu Falls and look out to Argentina, blanketed under ever-present rainbows. Over four miles of waterfalls straddle the border between Brazil and Argentina. Upon seeing Iguaçu, the United States' First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly exclaimed "Poor Niagara!"

Cultural Activities in Florianópolis

The ISA on-site team encourages you to explore the city and culture of Florianópolis. The team facilitates this by offering a robust calendar of events that showcases what makes Florianópolis special.

These activities vary each term, and previous offerings have included samba and surfing classes, a soccer match, a visit to a marine turtle project and a visit to Costa da Lagoa by boat.