Intermediate Portuguese Language: Oral and Written Comprehension and Expression

Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina

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    Intermediate Portuguese Language: Oral and Written Comprehension and Expression

  • Host University

    Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina

  • Location

    Florianópolis, Brazil

  • Area of Study

    Modern Languages, Portuguese

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  • Overview


    The course aims at developing language competence and covers all aspects of language learning with great emphasis on oral communication and written skills. It is designed to cover three independent yet interrelated language modules:

    • comparative grammar studies, including the morphological and syntactic aspects, all related to listening, reading and sentence framing, and their oral and written practice in Portuguese Language intermediate level;
    • vocabulary studies, for selected texts and the everyday context (reading, listening, speaking, writing) in Portuguese Language intermediate level including access to the media;
    • Brazilian Culture, by developing the four skills of the language in text interpretation expressed either orally or in written form on literary texts, as well as Cultural approaches to different aspects on the present Brazilian reality, related to the oral and written practice in the Portuguese Language.


    To guarantee the linguistic competence and performance through the practice of conversation and composition in the context of the Brazilian culture at the Intermediate level.


    Articles, textbooks and different textbooks chapters are related to present facts.


    BODY - Health, looks, behavior, the look of art. Health club. Bodybuilders.
    Assignment The nowadays feminine looks

    LABOR - Labor rights, jobs, professions. Culture and workplaces.
    Assignment Labor market opportunities and levels of education. Is it the case?

    CLOTHING - dressing, shopping, the social meaning of clothes, cultural similarities and differences.
    Assignment Fashion and Culture or Fashion and History?

    FAMILY LIFE - kinship, family routine, family commemorations, historical and cultural aspects in Brazilian families.
    Assignment A concept of family for present days.

    TOURISM AND ECOLOGY - aims, types, protection (native population, environment, cultural heritage).
    Assignment Soustainable tourism. Is it possible?

    BRAZILIAN CULTURE FROM NORTH TO SOUTH - regions of Brazil, influences in Brazilian culture, cultural traditions.
    Assignment How many Brazils can you see in Brazil?

    Assignment The Portuguese language in Brazil.


    • 75% of class attendance is required. In case of an injury or sickness the absence of the student will not count if he presents a medical certificate. In this context, the classroom assignments will be sent via e-mail to him/her. When the student returns to class, the professor is instructed to pay extra attention to him/her in the process of catching up with the class.
    • Possibility of dropping or adding classes: Please note that courses are determined prior to the student's arrival on-site.

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