International Logistics and Trade

Universidad del Norte

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    International Logistics and Trade

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    Universidad del Norte

  • Location

    Barranquilla, Colombia

  • Area of Study

    Business Administration, International Business, International Trade

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    Taught In English

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  • Overview

    2.    Descripción de la asignatura.
    The course’s approach will be to develop the student’s decision-making skills concerning International Trade and Logistics, which should contribute to optimize the negotiation and use of the different elements in the International Physical Distribution chain. This program will provide you with key aspects and the necessary experiences to build and manage effectively the logistics chain in the international trade context, in order to comply with today’s logistics’ precepts: deliver goods in a timely and effective manner

    3.    Justificación.
    Today’s context of international business demands that we be aware of all the aspects of international logistics and especially with all the aspects regarding the handling and administration of transportation of goods. This is the reason why multinationals have given so much importance to the study of each and every one of the processes involved. To that effect, they have implemented changes within their organizations in order to meet these goals through the use of new technologies. An efficient management of international trade logistics will have a direct impact on the economic and financial results of a company.

    4.    Objetivo general de la asignatura.
    5.    This course will be oriented towards:
    7.    Participants acquiring all the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes that allow them to effectively manage the international logistics trade chain through the application of tools designed to simplify the import/export processes and the implementation of good logistics practices.

    Esta asignatura se orientará a:
    Identify, explain and evaluate main concepts in international logistics

    1. Temas de la asignatura.



    In class hours

    Independent Work

    General Approach to International Logistics

     Definition of logistics



       Domestic Transportation: Logistics in Colombia






      International Logistics



     Colombia’s Infraestructure



    Free Trade Agreements ( G3, CAN, FTA)


     See related web pages

      Competition and Globalization






     International Transportation

    Transport Mode Characteristics



    Cost and Service Requirements



    Intermodal Transport



    International Distribution Channels



    Cost, Freight, Insurance Productivity



    International Operators



    Storage and Handling Systems

    Develop and Optimize suppliers Data Base


     Read Chapter 13

    Packaging and  Unit Loads






    Marks and Symbols



    Certificates and International Regulations



    International Green Legislation



    Reverse Logistics



    Case Study







    Integrated Model of Global Competition and International Marketing

    Marketing mix



    Strategic Analysis of Exporting Countries






    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


     Read chapter 3 The handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management





    International Logistics

    Documentation and Information Flow



    Classification of items



    Steps to Export and Import



    Containers and Incoterms






    Packaging and unit loads






    Import/Export Workshop



    Cost Analysis Situation









    Information and communication Technology in the supply chain





    Distribution Platforms, ports and terminals



    Bar codes, RFID, GPS and EDI



    E-commerce: B2B, B2C, E-tailing, E-fulfillment















    Warehousing and Inventory Management

    Concept of Warehousing



    General Warehousing Operations



    Warehouse Layout



    Shipping and Receiving


    Read Chapter 18

    Cost Drivers



    Inventory Management



    Just in Time Approach













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