International Marketing

Universidad del Norte

Course Description

  • Course Name

    International Marketing

  • Host University

    Universidad del Norte

  • Location

    Barranquilla, Colombia

  • Area of Study

    International Marketing, Marketing

  • Language Level

    Taught In English

  • Prerequisites

    International Marketing Intellegence

    Hours & Credits

  • Contact Hours

  • Recommended U.S. Semester Credits
  • Recommended U.S. Quarter Units
  • Overview

    Pre-Requisite: International Marketing Intelligence

    Focused on identifying and satisfying global customer needs better than the competition, both domestic and international, and coordinating marketing activities within the context of the global environment.

    Students will develop knowledge of the theoretical frameworks on which market entry decisions are based and will analyse and propose solutions to marketing problems in an international context.
    At the end of this module students should be capable of understanding the challenges facing international companies or domestic companies competing in the global environment.

    This course should (a) sensitize students to economic, political, and cultural differences among nations as they influence marketing, (b) introduce students to the international framework of organizations, laws, and practices that affect marketing, (c) develop students abilities to identify and evaluate marketing opportunities abroad, (d) develop student skills in gathering information, drawing conclusions from it, and presenting the material, and (e) give students the opportunity to work on a marketing plan that can be used to show prospective employers.
    All Students must demonstrate: (1) Basic knowledge of business environment; (2) Understanding of basic economic principles; (3) Understanding of basic marketing functions.

    Upon completion of this course, the course participant should be able to do the following: (1) Identify, explain, and evaluate the important concepts in international marketing strategy; (2) Use these concepts in company analyses and marketing strategy development; and (3) Access and effectively utilize sources of data and information necessary to complete industry and company analyses.


    • Understand marketing fundamentals in the context of the global environment
    • Analyze and assess marketing tools, practices and experiences used to address business opportunities/issues.
    • Negotiation items
    • Examine various programs and mechanisms used to create sustainable competitive advantage in the global marketplace.


    • Identify the principles of marketing and explain the impact these have on the global economic, social / cultural, legal / political and regulatory environment
    • Identify regional economic markets and explain how to qualify and quantify potential opportunities using research, segmentation and targeting techniques
    • Identify when and why to take sourcing decisions and explain the impact of competition on a global marketing strategy.
    • Explain how marketing ?mix? decisions ? product, price, physical distribution, promotion ? impact a global marketing strategy.
    • Explain the strengths and weaknesses of a company?s global marketing plan.


    • International vision
    • Discipline
    • Compliance with the schedule
    • Research capabilities
    • Communication skills in different languages.
    • Work in teams with fellow classmates to conduct joint tasks.

    The course is taught through the active participation of the teacher and students in class sessions.
    Strategies include the presentation of concepts and case studies by the teacher and the interaction of students through previous individual study by oral discussions and virtual activities throughout the semester.
    Depending on the nature of activities, some will be completed individually and others in groups in order to enhance the ability to work in teams and properly justify one?s opinion to fellow classmates. The adequate use of technical concepts will always be enhanced.
    All students will have access to a web page of the course. Besides including teaching materials for them, they will participate in message boards throughout the semester.
    This will be the official channel between the teacher and the students to send all the tasks previously defined.


    Midterm exam I: Chapter 1? 2 ? 3 ? 6 - 7 20%
    Midterm exam II: Chapter 8 ? 10 ? 11 - 19 20%
    Final exam: Written exam of all the concepts covered during the semester. 20%
    Quices, message boards, and assignments 20%
    Research paper 20%


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