Operating Systems

Universidad del Norte

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Operating Systems

  • Host University

    Universidad del Norte

  • Location

    Barranquilla, Colombia

  • Area of Study

    Computer Engineering, Computer Info Systems, Computer Programming, Information Technologies, Systems Engineering

  • Language Level

    Taught In English

  • Prerequisites

    Intermediate skills in computer programming.

    Hours & Credits

  • Contact Hours

  • Recommended U.S. Semester Credits
  • Recommended U.S. Quarter Units
  • Overview

    This course is concerned with the different mechanisms and techniques which support the systems engineer, so that he/she is able to improve the computing system performance. The main topics are the study of the operative evolution of computing systems; process management and coordination, mutual cut-offs, characteristics, prevention, detection and recovery; management of the physical and virtual memory, the mechanisms of secondary storage management and filing systems, protection and systems safety.


    • Data processing systems
    • Introduction to operating systems
    • Process management
    • Concurrency: Mutual exclusion and synchronization.
    • Concurrency: Mutual cut-offs and starving
    • Memory management
    • Virtual memory
    • Disk management and E/S
    • File systems
    • Protection and safety

    • CO1. Define and use to solve problems, the basic concepts related to operating systems and their context, processor registries, instruction cycles, interruptions, memory hierarchy, cache memory, evolution of OSs, protection of OSs
    • CO2. Solve problems related to process planning and deadlocks
    • CO3. Solve problems that involve management of real and virtual memory
    • CO4. Solve problems that involve management of secondary storage in disk
    • CO5. Solve practical problems using the Linux operating system
    • CO6. Evaluate the application of the topics of the course through the review of research papers and the presentation of an own article related to an specific topic
    Operating Systems is helpful to fulfill the professional component in the Computer Science in the field of Operating Systems and Software Engineering, because multi-level software is based on it.


    • SILVERSCHATZ, A; PETERSON, J y GALVIN, P. Operative Systems. Fundamental concepts. 7a. Ed. Addison-Wesley. Iberoamericana. 2006.


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