Operations Research I

Universidad del Norte

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Operations Research I

  • Host University

    Universidad del Norte

  • Location

    Barranquilla, Colombia

  • Area of Study

    Engineering Science and Math, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics

  • Language Level

    Taught In English

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  • Recommended U.S. Semester Credits
  • Recommended U.S. Quarter Units
  • Overview

    Operations Research I

    The course is designed to increase the effectiveness in decision-making.
    This course covers the development and history of the operations research, and provides tools to give practical solutions to problems where resources are scarce, dealing first with linear models, using the most appropriate techniques and methodologies of operations research to solve them.
    As the student develops expertise using these results, he/she will be able to solve more complex problems within a company, which accurate solutions that will increase its productiveness.


    After completing the course, the student must be able to:
    I. Understand the fundamental concept and of linear programming and be able to determine when it is appropriate its implementation to rationalize the resources in real world problems.
    II. Know and use the graph and simplex methods, as solution to solve the proposed models in linear programming that allow students to obtain optimal solutions and a more effective use of resources.
    III. Develop the concepts of the dual problem to recognize its importance against the primal problem associated.
    IV. Detect new solutions to changes of the initial conditions of the linear programming models in order to make better decisions
    V. Develop the concepts and special characteristics that identify a typical problem of transportation within linear programming models.
    VI. Develop the concepts and special characteristics that identify a typical problem of assignment within linear programming models.
    VII. Know and use mathematical software to solve the proposed models.
    VIII. Promote research through the identification of business cases in order to formulate them and solve them and effectively justify the model and solution in written and oral report.
    IX. Promote the use of a second language across activities like essays, critical analyses, oral presentations and complementary readings, making use of the databases, to develop skills of oral, graphic and written communication.
    X. Understand the importance of the rationalization




    1 Linear Programming 8



    Graphical Method

    5 3-5  
    3 Simplex Algorithm 7 5-6  
    4 Primal-dual Analysis 6 7-8  
    5 Sensitivity Analysis 7 9-11  
    6 Transportation Model 6 11-13  
    7 Assignment Model 3 13-14  



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