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    Universidad del Norte

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    Barranquilla, Colombia

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    Algebra, Calculus, Civil Engineering, Engineering Science and Math, Physics

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    Taught In English

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    This course focuses on the analysis of static equilibrium state conditions of a particle, a rigid
    body or a structure based on Newton’s Laws and the principles of linear algebra and calculus.
    Statics allows the student to understand the conditions and behavior regarding to the stability
    and equilibrium of all the elements that configure a statically determined structure.


    After completing this course, students should be able to do the following:
    I. Express forces and position vectors in Cartesian vector form; determine unit
    vectors, as well as vector operations such as vector addition, dot product and cross
    II. Draw free body diagrams.
    III. Determine resultant forces acting in a particle.
    IV. Determine the required forces for a particle to remain in equilibrium by using the
    equations of equilibrium.
    V. Determine the moments produced by forces in two and three dimensions.
    VI. Determine resultant forces and moments.

    VII. Determine point loads statically equivalent to distributed loads.
    VIII. Replace support equivalent forces reactions.
    IX. Set and solve static equilibrium equations in rigid bodies.
    X. Apply the method of sections and the method of joints to analyze trusses.
    XI. Determine forces acting on frames elements and machines.
    XII. Determine internal forces and bending moments acting within beams.
    XIII. Determine center of gravity and centroids of areas and volumes
    XIV. Determine moments of inertia for areas and volumes.
    XV. Determine forces due to Coulomb’s friction for rigid bodies in equilibrium.


    No. Topic Class hours Weeks number
    1 Statics of particles 9 1-3
    2 Rigid bodies equilibrium 9 4-6
    3 Distributed forces: Center of gravity, centroids and moments of inertia 9 7-9
    4 Structural Analysis 9 10-12
    5 Internal Forces 6 13-14
    6 Friction 6 15-16



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