Advanced Spanish Grammar

Universidad de Piura - Lima

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    Advanced Spanish Grammar

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    Universidad de Piura - Lima

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    Lima, Peru

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    The main objective of this course is to deepen the student?s theoretic knowledge of complex grammar structures in the Spanish language. At the end of the course the student is able to incorporate these new structures into his/her oral and written expressions, significantly enhancing his/her performance.



    1. The ?pluscuamperfecto?
    2. The passive voice with ?se?
    3. Verbs ending in ?uir?
    4. ?Por? and ?Para? with expressions of time and the infinitive
    5. The imperfect tense of the subjunctive
    6. Subjunctive with undefined expressions
    7. Subjunctive in adverbial clauses
    8. Subjunctive with conjunctions of time
    9. The perfect present tense of the subjunctive
    10. The ?pluscuamperfecto? of the subjunctive
    11. The conditional
    12. The perfect conditional
    13. The perfect future tense


    1. To naturally incorporate the new grammar structures to their oral expression.
    2. To analyze and integrate the new grammar structures.
    3. To use the new structures in oral communication activities.
    4. To use the new structures in the writing of paragraphs and short compositions.


    1. Perceiving grammar as an effective means by which to reach high levels of competence in the Spanish language.
    2. Discovering that grammar is not dry and boring, but interesting and enriching.


    1. Communication activities in pairs and groups. Understanding the new grammar structures through the preparation of charts, schemes, rules, etc.
    2. Use of the structures in written exercises.


    Each class employs the communicative method, which can be characterized by the following:

    ? The student is provided with numerous opportunities to practice the Spanish language in real life situations which gives them a practical and concrete understanding of what is learned.

    ? In every lesson, students are informed of the goals to be reached and what is expected from them in terms of grammar learning, skills development and vocabulary acquisition.

    ? The constant use of learned grammatical structures provides students will numerous opportunities to retain the information.

    ? Various patterns of interaction are constantly used. This way, an excessive amount of professor-student communication pattern is avoided. Work in pairs and groups in highly encouraged.

    ? Provides a constant phonetic training for students.

    ? Promotes an atmosphere meant to facilitate the students? well-being, making them feel at ease, self-confident and appreciated by the teacher.

    ? It is based on lesson plans which include a variety of activities never to exceed periods of ten minutes each.

    ? The professor working with this methodology must use teaching techniques that make language learning easier for the students. Students may refer to charts, formats of grammar rules, semantic charts, etc, to facilitate the internalization of grammar and vocabulary acquisition.

    ? The production and use of supplementary material is perceived by the professor as a means to satisfy specific learning needs of a determined group of students. Therefore, the use of such material is constant and shall not be considered as an optional activity.


    Students will be graded according to the following criteria:
    ? Participation in class 20%
    ? Class or Homework 30%
    ? Mid Term Exam 25%
    ? Final Exam 25%

    The course will have 22 sessions of two hours each.



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