Global Justice and Human Security

Queensland University of Technology

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Global Justice and Human Security

  • Host University

    Queensland University of Technology

  • Location

    Brisbane, Australia

  • Area of Study

    Criminal Justice, Justice Studies

  • Language Level

    Taught In English

  • Prerequisites

    Minimum of 24 credits worth of study

    Hours & Credits

  • Credit Points

  • Recommended U.S. Semester Credits
    3 - 4
  • Recommended U.S. Quarter Units
    4 - 6
  • Overview

    This unit offers students an advanced education about crimes against human rights in a global context with a focus on crimes in conflict zones, crimes involved in the movement and migration of people, and crimes committed by the state (with case studies including human trafficking, genocide, torture and the use of child soldiers). The unit also introduces students to the theory of human security, in which individuals, rather than nation states, are the primary focus of efforts to protect against threats to national security and international stability. Domestic and international efforts to prevent and punish human rights violations will also be explored during this unit through an analysis of international cooperation and justice.


    Learning Outcomes
    On completion of this unit, students will be able to:

    1. demonstrate an understanding of the origin and current context of international human rights, and the social, political and economic causes of human rights abuses; this demonstrates the graduate attributes of Content Knowledge and Social Justice Orientation
    2. recognise and articulate the human rights abuses associated with key global crimes; this demonstrates the graduate attributes of Critical Awareness, Content Knowledge and Communication
    3. demonstrate an understanding of the theory of and threats to human security; this demonstrates the graduate attributes of Multidiscipline and Ethical Knowledge, and Critical Awareness
    4. critically assess international efforts aimed at preventing and punishing human rights abuses; this demonstrates the graduate attributes of Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Communication.

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