Contextualising Dance in the 21st Century

Queensland University of Technology

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    Contextualising Dance in the 21st Century

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    Queensland University of Technology

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    Brisbane, Australia

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    Taught In English

  • Prerequisites

    KDB106 and KDB110

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    3 - 4
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    4 - 6
  • Overview

    Dance has demonstrably been a leader in many of the areas that inform the globalised environment of 21st century arts practices, noticeably in the areas of interactive technologies, interdisciplinarity, international collaborations which interrogate differing cultural perspectives, and the increasing fascination of mass audiences with dance reality television shows and social network sites such as YouTube. Parallel to these practices are the growth in participation of recreational dance-related physical activities, and in an industry context the DIY artists of the independent performance scene. Common to these practices is a conscious hybridisation of traditional hierarchies between ?elite? and ?popular? culture. At the same time 21st century dance practices are engaged with pressing issues of our age in relation to health, environmental concerns, and urban mediated environments. This in turn has informed changes in contemporary aesthetic sensibilities.
    The unit content addresses aesthetics and practices which characterise performance and choreography of the 21st century in Australia and internationally, covering 'Western' and non-'Western' genres and styles and a broad range of professional contexts.
    The key issues critically evaluated in addressing these aesthetics and practices include:
    • Globalisation and internationalisation of cultural product
    • Use of telematics, sensors, robotics and other interactive technologies to challenge understandings of dance and the moving body
    • Working across cultures in an increasingly hybrid context
    • The growth of DIY creation in a 'prosumer' / 'produser' age (Bruns 2009)
    • The impact of reality TV and social network sites in creating and disseminating dance
    • The imperative of interdisciplinarity and blurred boundaries in a contemporary arts environment
    • Increasing sophistication of new dance processes in engaging with socio/political issues
    • The convergence of a range of physical movement disciplines and dance genres to create transient emergent forms
    Approaches to Teaching and Learning
    Lectures are based around the key issues in performance and choreography of the 21st century (as listed in the Content section of this unit outline). The group tutorials supplement your learning in the lectures, and involve discussion and activities relating to the set readings and lecture content.
    PowerPoint lecture notes are available online.
    Assessment name: Oral Presentation
    Description: Working with a partner, in a short presentation you will critically analyse the current performance or choreographic practice of a professional Australian dance practitioner working in any genre/style or context, with comparative reference to similar practitioners in Australia or internationally.
    Relates to objectives: 2, 3
    Weight: 40
    Internal or external: Internal
    Group or individual: Group with Individual Component
    Due date: Mid Semester
    Assessment name: Case study essay
    Description: Length: 2000 words. You will select a recently choreographed (2000 or later) work or a recent development in a dance genre/style, and, using dance analysis methodology where needed, explain how it resonates with any of the key issues shaping the aesthetics and practices of 21st century performance and choreography as identified in the lectures.You must select a choreographic work or aspect of a dance genre/style which has not been discussed in depth in the lectures or tutorials. You are required to submit your selection to the Unit Coordinator for approval.
    Relates to objectives: 1, 3
    Weight: 60
    Internal or external: Internal
    Group or individual: Individual
    Due date: End Semester

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