Architecture in Australia

University of Queensland

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Architecture in Australia

  • Host University

    University of Queensland

  • Location

    Brisbane, Australia

  • Area of Study

    Architecture, Australian Culture, Pacific Studies

  • Language Level

    Taught In English

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  • Overview

    Course Description
    The study of Australian architecture through cultural & historical analysis considering the influences of colonization, trans-national exchange & regional identity, & the ongoing cultural significance of architecture in Australia.
    Learning Objectives
    After successfully completing this course you should be able to:
    1. Identify and discuss the significant architects, buildings and urban schemes of Australia, and place them in an historical context.
    2. Compare architecture in Australia in relation to patterns of colonisation, international influences, environmental conditions and frameworks of heritage and preservation.
    3. Investigate the ongoing significance of Australian architecture using concepts and frameworks of heritage and preservation.
    4. Develop and carry out a research project
    5. Independently source and use evidence to construct written arguments about Australian architecture.
    Class Contact
    2 Lecture hours, 1 Tutorial hour
    Tutorial Presentation
    Type: Tutorial Exercise
    Learning Objectives Assessed: 4, 5
    Due Date: Throughout Semester
    Weight: 10%
    Task Description: In addition to attending all tutorials, students (working in groups of 2) will be responsible for directing the discussion of one tutorial throughout the semester. Students will be asked to present a summary of the highlighted texts listed in the allocated readings and to consider the relationship of each reading to the lecture for that week. Students will also be ask to identify and discuss at least one additional reading that supports or contests the listed tutorial reading. Feedback will be presented to students during the class presentation. A mark will be allocated once all students have presented.
    Research Assignment
    Type: Project
    Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 4, 5
    Due Date: Mid-Late Semester
    Weight: 40%
    Task Description: The Research Assignment is a data collection, analysis and presentation project undertaken in groups of 2 and directed by the staff. Students will work with the existing information on the Digital Archive of Queensland Architecture, ( and supplement this with further data collection and analysis in order to produce digital analytic objects, maps, timelines, relationship maps and compound objects within the database. This assignment will be the basis of the Essay (Assignment 3). Course Note 2 on Assignment 2 will detailed description of tasks and procedures and will outline the architects and building types available for selection.
    The Assignment will be submitted electronically as on PDF per group with:
    1. hyperlinks to the objects made with the database tools, each attributed to the student or students who made them
    2. a list of the materials added to the database each attributed to the student or students who found and uploaded them
    3. a list of national and international buildings that provide a relevant context to the research undertaken.
    It is not possible to know before hand what data will be found and how useful it will be, thus students will not be assessed on what they find, but only on their work in the attempt. There will be little difference in the opportunities for each group to produce analysis and contextualisation Groups will be assessed as a whole, however group members have the chance to assess the contribution of each group member and this will be taken into account in determining individual students marks. The criteria for assessment are:
    Students will receive feedback and directions for how to take up this research in their essays. This feedback will be provided in Week 11.
    The objects made by the students will be published to the public on the Digital Archive of Queensland Architecture unless the students request this not to occur.
    Electronic Submission will be via Turn-it-in. A link will be provided on the Blackboard site for 3142.
    Final Research Essay
    Type: Essay
    Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    Due Date: End of Semester
    Weight: 50%
    Task Description:
    The essay is individual work based on the Research Assignment completed in week 10. The topic for each essay will be determined following Assignment 2 and in consultation with staff:
    Additional Information on the final essay will be provided via a course note to be posted on the Blackboard site for 3142 by Week 10. Final essays will be submitted via Turn-it-in. A link will be available on the Blackboard site for 3142.

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