Brand Management and Strategy

University of Queensland

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    Brand Management and Strategy

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    University of Queensland

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    Brisbane, Australia

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    Taught In English

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    This course requires additional faculty approval for entry.

    Quota: Minimum of 35 enrolments required to hold this course

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    Course Description
    Products are the lifeblood of the organisation and thus it is important for managers to understand the role of product and brand management in gaining and maintaining customer loyalty. This course is designed to develop knowledge, skills, and perspectives to support the application of managing products and developing brand strategies in the marketing area.
    Learning Objectives
    After successfully completing this course you should be able to:
    1. Understand strategic brand marketing concepts, principles, and methods
    2. Enhanced analytical thinking skills in a strategic brand marketing context
    3. Apply course content to real world business contexts (in part through a major project that applies course content to a real world brand)
    4. Enhanced communication skills (via class discussion and a project presentation)
    Class Contact
    2 Lecture hours, 1 Tutorial hour
    Major Group Project- Brand Audit
    Type: Project
    Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4
    Due Date: Mid-Late Semester
    Weight: 40%
    Task Description:
    Students will practice with and apply the brand strategy model and methods to a real world brand of their choosing. This will be a team project. It will involve qualitative and quantitative research, and literature review. Students will analyse the current brand strategy and recommend a complete brand strategy plan.
    Detailed project guidelines will be available for download from Blackboard. This will cover action steps, outputs, and detailed marking criteria.
    Part A ? Brand Inventory Report: Team-based Assignment
    In teams you will be required to produce a report (10%) of the internal and external environment of the brand. You will produce a 1,500 word document that will summarize the situation analysis of the brand (Brand Inventory). This report should include key issues emerged from a focus group (brand exploratory) that will be conducted during tutorials (weeks 6, 7, 8). This will help you to understand the brand and also find key information to develop the survey questions. The report will be submitted online via Blackboard and also in hardcopy format to the tutor the following week of the focus group (beginning of the tutorial). The digital copy must be submitted before the start of tutorial.
    The report may include all or some of the following points:
    Company background (No more than 10% of word count)
    • History
    • Brand portfolio
    Brand Inventory (Key relevant/current issues)
    • Brand Elements
    • Product
    • Pricing
    • Distribution
    • Communications
    • Advertising
    • Ambassadors
    • Sponsorships
    • Philanthropy
    *Preliminary Brand Exploratory (Focus group- include notes from Focus Group as appendix).
    • Current positioning (positioning map)
    • Competitive analysis
    *SWOT (Table)- Not included in word count.
    *Main Conclusions to consider in SURVEY (current brand strategy)- NEED TO INCLUDE AT LEAST 4 MAIN ISSUES AND PROPOSED SURVEY QUESTIONS.
    Note: You may not necessarily use all these items. Each group will have to think which aspects are relevant to your brand and focus on these key points. * POINTS 3,4,5 & 6 are required.
    Due Date: Week after Focus Group (online and during tutorial)
    Weight: 10%
    Length: 1,500 words (tables, interview notes, reference list and appendices are not included in the word count).
    Part B - Presentation: Team-based Assignment
    In teams students will present their brand strategy audit (25%). The presentation will include a summary of the current brand strategy, the results of survey, strategic and tactical recommendations.
    Student teams will make presentations of their brand strategy audit toward the end of the semester, at dates to be assigned by the 4th week of class at the latest. It is important that groups work well together and that everyone does their fair share of the work. Therefore, marks may be adjusted for team members who do less work than their fair share or fail to behave like good team members (e.g., don't show up to meetings), based on the evidence of peer assessment forms. Adjustments will only be made where there is a problem in the team. Students should keep notes on their participation and contribution to the project. When a problem is developing students should keep notes on the relative contribution of team members. Instructions for how to submit the peer assessment form will be provided during the tutorial and on the course Blackboard web site.
    Due Date: During tutorials in teaching weeks eleven, twelve and thirteen.
    Weight: 25%
    Length: 18-20 minute presentation plus 5 minutes of question and answer session.
    Submission Guidelines: Students need to submit a copy of the slides and survey questionnaire.
    Part C ? Peer Review of Focus Group/ Survey Participation: Individual Assignment
    Individually, participants of the focus group (non-presenting team) are to provide feedback and constructive criticism for at least four focus group sessions. The analysis should provide feedback in a supportive and non-confrontational environment to your colleagues. The reason to use a peer review is for its role in student skill development, improving learning and helping students to improve their performance and contribute with ideas for the survey and final presentation. You need to complete a feedback sheet and submit it to your tutor at the end of the tutorial. The marks and comments for all four reviews will be recorded on the same marking rubric (see blackboard for a sample) and given back to you the week after the final Focus group session. The original students? peer review sheets will be handed to the presenting team the day after the presentation (by email).
    Survey Participation: Students are required to complete at least 10 surveys. Students are required to complete a form with the survey code and brand. Students that fail to complete this task will received 0 mark on PART C.
    Due Date: During tutorials in teaching weeks six, seven and eight.
    Weight: 5% (1% per feedback sheet). Where there are less than 5 teams in the tutorial then the marks will need to be pro-rated up to be out of 4% total. 1% for survey participation (COMPULSORY REQUIREMENT).
    Length: Four one page feedback sheets.
    Mid Semester Exam
    Type: Exam - Mid Semester During Class
    Learning Objectives Assessed: 1
    Due Date: Mid-Semester
    Weight: 15%
    Reading: 0 minutes
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Format: Multiple-choice
    Task Description: The mid semester exam is intended to encourage students to keep up with the early course material, i.e., review lecture notes and read the textbook chapters, as the course builds upon itself so students need to know the early material well to understand the later material and to get started on the course project. The mid semester exam will cover course topics covered up until this exam (Ch. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 9). More details of the mid semester exam, including advice for answering these types of questions and also sample questions, will be presented in class.
    Final Exam
    Type: Exam - during Exam Period (Central)
    Learning Objectives Assessed: 1
    Due Date: Examination Period
    Weight: 45%
    Reading: 10 minutes
    Duration: 120 minutes
    Format: Short essay, Extended essay
    Task Description: The final exam will be a closed-book exam. All content covered in the course is examinable unless excluded by the lecturer. The lecturer will overview the exam structure and coverage toward the end of the course.
    Students are advised to allow enough time in their schedule for exam preparation. Results in the exam have an important impact on the final grade for the course.

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