Torres Strait Islander Studies

University of Queensland

Course Description

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    Torres Strait Islander Studies

  • Host University

    University of Queensland

  • Location

    Brisbane, Australia

  • Area of Study

    Indigenous Studies

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    Taught In English

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  • Overview

    Course Description
    The course explores a wide range of topics, from the unique geography of Torres Strait to the influences of post-colonial history, the intricate relationship of people to the sea, and the social organisation and social structure of Torres Strait Islander society and culture, past and present. Interwoven throughout out the course are themes of colonisation, identity and cultural perspectives. This course gives students the opportunity to participate in Torres Strait Islander dance and song, prepare Islander food and meet with and learn from Torres Strait Islander community members.
    Course Introduction
    Maiem and Seungapa, Welcome to ABTS1010. This course will examine in detail selected topics in both traditional and contemporary Torres Strait Islander society and culture from a Torres Strait Islander perspective. The course endeavours to provide broad understanding of topics such as the unique geography of Torres Strait, the influences of colonial history, the intricate relationship of people with the ?sea?, and the significance of ?Mabo? and continuing questions and land and sea rights. The course will take you on a journey into Torres Strait Islander society and culture, where you will experience the hardships, turmoils and victories of Torres Strait Islanders. This course will explore dispossession, resistance, governance, identity and cultural perspectives. We will consider both traditional and contemporary Torres Strait Islander society and culture, which will be supported by viewing films/videos, recommended readings, guest lecturers/community elders and speakers from the Torres Strait Islander community in Brisbane.
    Learning Objectives
    After successfully completing this course you should be able to:
    1. Convey an introductory knowledge of Torres Strait Islander history, culture and identity.
    2. Critically situate Torres Strait Islander history, culture and identity in the broad movement of Australian social history.
    3. Understand the cultural differences and diversity within and between Torres Strait Islander groups.
    4. Relate an understanding of the significant strategic and social position of the Torres Strait for Australia
    5. Understand the socio-cultural effectiveness and community cohesion that accompanies fluency in cultural practices.
    6. Understand the teaching/learning agency of ?apasin? (respect) and ?good pasin? (sharing our good ways) through experiential engagement with Torres Strait ?Ailan Kastom? (Island Custom)
    Class Contact
    2 hours Lectures, 1 hour Tutorials

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