Quantum and Thermal Physics

University of Melbourne

Course Description

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    Quantum and Thermal Physics

  • Host University

    University of Melbourne

  • Location

    Melbourne, Australia

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  • Language Level

    Taught In English

  • Prerequisites

    One of

    PHYC10001 Physics 1: Advanced

    PHYC10003 Physics 1

    PHYC10005 Physics 1: Fundamentals

    And One of

    PHYC10002 Physics 2: Advanced

    PHYC10004 Physics 2: Physical Science & Technology

    PHYC10006 Physics 2: Life Sciences & Environment

    And One of

    MAST10006 Calculus 2

    MAST10009 Accelerated Mathematics 2

    And One of (may be taken concurrently)

    MAST10007 Linear Algebra

    MAST10008 Accelerated Mathematics 1

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  • Recommended U.S. Semester Credits
    3 - 4
  • Recommended U.S. Quarter Units
    4 - 6
  • Overview

    This subject surveys the foundations of Thermal Physics and Classical Mechanics and develops the fundamental principles of Quantum Mechanics. Topics in Thermal Physics include the kinetic theory of gases, the classical laws of thermodynamics, temperature, work, heat, chemical thermodynamics and chemical potential, heat engines, refrigerators, Gibbs and Helmholtz free energies and phase changes. Topics in Classical Mechanics include a review of Newton’s Laws, the Principle of Least Action, Lagrange’s equations, Hamilton’s equations and the Legendre transform. These principles will be illustrated by application to the simple harmonic oscillator. Topics in Quantum Physics include the inadequacies of Classical Physics, matter waves and quantum behaviour, one-dimensional quantum systems, expectation values, observables, operators, quantum tunnelling, and the quantization of three-dimensional systems.

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